I see these 3 things over and over (and over!) again and I don’t want them to hold you back from becoming your most productive self any longer. 👊


# 1 – Intuition is disregarded


About 99% of the content on productivity that I see out there is focused on intellect, strategy and reason. But where is all the content about our gut instincts and intuition as it relates to being productive? 🧐
I’m guilty of writing a lot of content about strategy too, but I do talk gut feelings when working 1-on-1 with clients – it can’t be ignored and has so much wisdom to share! I’ve set an intention to write about this more in order to help you balance the strategy with your inner voice.

Have you ever let pure productivity bulldoze your intuition?⁣ How did that turn out? I’d bet that you probably felt a bit (a lot?) of regret for not heeding it’s advice.

^^^ I remember very well an instance when this happened to me a few years ago. I was doing a live workshop online and had booked a boardroom at a coworking space in order to have a nice quiet space (ahhhh the days of pre-Covid). As I was getting ready to go, my gut was telling me to just do it from home. But I had paid for the room and felt like I was wasting money by not going to the space. So I went. And throughout my presentation there was a noisy group just outside the door that was distracting and disruptive to me and my viewers. It was annoying to say the least. Shoulda just stayed home, per my intuition’s memo. 😦

Intuition might feel messy, random and inexplicable sometimes, but it’s also wise. Your body, emotions and vibrations are your best guide.


# 2 – Fancy schmancy tools


Tools can be useful and fun, but they’re not a requirement for saving time and being efficient. 🤯

I’ve spoken with too many people who are consistently spending a ton of time (and sometimes money) trying out all the online platforms that promise more productivity in their life.

Investing time in research to gain more time freedom in the long run is great, but if you’re stressing out right now, trying to find the perfect tool, just stop. 🖐 For now. And get back to basics.

Good ‘ol fashioned pen and paper (or keyboard and screen) is just as effective at getting you organized and saving you time.


# 3 – Complicated systems


It’s ironic how easy it is to make things so complicated. 😝

There are so many systems and processes out that are really intense and intimidating. As a productive person myself, I don’t mind some “productive intensity” but this is just not practical for most people, especially if you’re new to being a productive person (PSA: which it’s totally possible for you to be).

When it’s too complicated or involved, it’s a turn off and can make you feel like productivity just isn’t possible. 😭

But it is possible! You just need to keep it simple and take smaller steps. This way you can actually take action on new strategies and ways of doing things and implement them into your already busy day. ⏰


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