So you’ve figured out how to GET focused, but you’re probs still wondering how the heck you’re going to STAY focused.

You can make the best of plans to focus on exactly what you want and need to, but keeping it is another story.


3 ways to STAY Focused

👉 Keep your to-do list items specific

When you look at each item, you should know exactly what to do. There’s no pondering, wondering or guessing. That takes way too much time and if your brain has to struggle at all to try and figure out what you meant when you wrote that vague thing down, it’ll most likely distract itself from that task (with something that’s much easier and that it already knows how to do).

Have you heard the saying “A confused mind always says no”? That’s what your brain is saying…”no” to the confusing thing, “yes” to something easier (and probably way less important and impactful).


👉 Make sure each of your to-do’s is important

Unless something is important and meaningful to you, why on earth would you focus your energy on it?

You might start out strong, but if you don’t feel motivated by and/or excited about it, you’re just going to end up putting it off. Most likely by getting yourself distracted.


👉 Keep your braindump nearby

I talk about braindumping alllll the time, and how it can help you GET focused. A braindump is one single place where you write and store every single one of your thoughts, ideas, projects, goals…basically #allthethings.

Well a braindump can also help you STAY focused, by keeping it handy and accessible at all times (I keep mine in Google Drive so I can access it literally everywhere I go).

Add all those awesome thoughts and ideas of yours as they come up throughout the day. This way you’re not constantly trying to remember them (hello, distracting!), you know you can come back to them later and you can stay focused on the task at hand *high five*.


Leave a comment below telling us how YOU stay focused 👇👇👇


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