There about 1 million ways to be productive and every one of us is going to prefer a different method, and get things done in our own way. And we can all learn something from one another and our differences, so I thought I’d share my own top 5 ways that I stay productive!


1) I write all my thoughts down

The urgent / time sensitive things go on a paper list I carry with me everywhere.

Time sensitive but not urgent things go in my paper planner/calendar so I remember them later, when it actually matters.

The bigger and/or time consuming ideas go on my “braindump”: one place where I collect anything and everything that I don’t want to forget about. I review it once in awhile, add shift things over to my current paper list when I’m ready to take action on them.


2) I do my most important & intense work in the morning

That’s just when I have the most energy: between about 9am and 1pm my energy is at a peak and it’s during this time that I’ll be sharpest, really focused, most creative.

Not only am I able to get more done during this time, I’m able to come up with more (and better) ideas and easily deal with any problems that come up by finding quick solutions.


3) I take time to think through the process

Rather than just jumping in and trying to plow through something as quickly as possible and not thinking ahead, I take the time to think through my options for how to best do it and which way will be most effective and efficient <— this saves me tons of time in the end.


4) I walk away when frustration hits

When I’m not able to find a solution to something and it just becomes a big huge stress ball, I walk away. Not forever, but just for a break, to do something else, take my mind off the situation.

Without fail, I go back to that same thing that was so frustrating just a short time ago and boom it’s suddenly so much easier (more like it’s my mind that’s more relaxed and centered and so is actually able to figure the thing out!)


5) I get lots of sleep

Or rather I get the sleep my body tells me it needs. I listen to my body and if it’s tired I sleep and don’t force myself to get up / stay up just for the sake of getting things done.

It can be a challenge to change my plans and let some to-do’s wait until another day in the name of getting some more shut eye, but I know that during my fewer waking hours I’ll be more clear headed and get things done a lot quicker.


Comment below ⁠👇👇👇and tell me your #1 way of staying productive. 💬

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