Regardless of what’s going on around you, this “getting started” thing is a constant cycle in business…🔄
Projects are always getting started, then they’re in process, eventually they’re finished and the whole starting thing beings all over all.
Often we’re starting multiple things at once, because ya, us business owners have a lot on our plate and a ton of amazing ideas to execute. 🤪
But the actual starting can be a sticking point sometimes.
🙄 The newness of something can feel intimidating.
🙄 The uncertainty might feel scary.
🙄 The present moment feels more comfortable, so why change anything.
So I’ve got 6 strategies I want to share with you that will make it so much easier for you to get started on that thing(s) you want to do. 👇🏻

6 Ways To Make Getting Started Easy


1️⃣ Take the smallest possible step


I’m talking small – like micro! Getting the very first possible thing done, no matter how small, will keep it in the back of your mind always.


It’s hard to forget or not think about something that we already have under way, so you’ll get that urge to go back to it and finish (also known as the Zeigarnik effect).


And the next steps will then naturally come up for you. So then you can take the next smallest step and the next and the next…you get it. 😉


3 examples of small steps:

  • If you want to write a blog post:
    • Just click the “new post” button on the backend of your website and save it. Done.
    • Or just write down the title or topic of this soon to be awesome post.


  • If you want to create a new offer or program:
    • Write down your launch or release date.
    • Or make a messy list of what you think might be included (even if it’s one thing).


  • If you want to start an exercise routine:
    • Get the yoga mat or exercise equipment out of your closet.
    • Or pull your workout clothes out of the dresser drawer and put them on top of your dresser.


2️⃣ Choose the thing of least resistance


Or really, the thing of no resistance. Please don’t try, or think you need, to start with a project or task that’s difficult, unfamiliar or that you’re not looking forward to


Pick something that makes you feel excited and sounds fun.


This way you’re at least getting started on something which will kick start your motivation and momentum. You’ll experience a sense of achievement and the buzz of accomplishment.


3️⃣ Ask questions (instead of making statements)


Instead of getting stuck in thoughts like “I don’t know where to start” or “I really don’t want to start”, get curious instead.


Ask yourself: “Where can I start?” or “What can I start with?” or “What’s possible?”


Or my favourite question that I learned in psychotherapy: “If I did know where to start, what would I do?”


And don’t stress if an answer doesn’t come up right away…just put the question out there into the Universe and the answer will eventually come back to you.


4️⃣ Know what you’re getting out of it


It’s unlikely that you’re really wanting to start something that’s going to have a negative impact on you, so think about why you want to tackle this thing in the first place.


Remind yourself of all the positivity it’s going to bring into your life and your experience.

    • Why is it something you want to do?
    • Why is it on your to-do list?
    • What outcome are you anticipating?
    • What will you get out of it?
    • What feeling are you going to experience by doing this thing?
    • What are you missing out on by not getting started and getting the thing done?


And on that note, what will others and your clients going to get out of it? How is it going to help them get a positive result?


5️⃣ Create a “starting ritual”


You may have heard about having a “shut down ritual” that you do at the end of your work day to help you transition away from work time and focus, and into your evening, personal and relaxation time.


And having a “starting ritual” works in the same way, in that once you do it, your brain will eventually become trained to get down to work and start something. It’s like classical conditioning.


So decide on a simple starting ritual that you could do…make it easy so you’ll actually do it! 😛


It could be as simple as turning on your computer and getting your cup of coffee on the table.


Or writing out your to-do list for the day.


Or stretching for 10 minutes and then sitting at your desk.


BTW: having a dedicated work space is a really important thing to include in your ritual…no matter how small the space is, make it the same space every. single. time.


6️⃣ Know there’s no such thing as a “perfect time”


If you’re waiting for the perfect time to get started on something: think about how you’re defining that perfect time. Is it actually realistic? When has that perfect time ever actually happened in real life? How common or frequent is it?


Are you going to have to wait 2 months for it to happen? Doesn’t it seem ridiculous to wait 2 months to take action on something that could easily get started today? 🤨


Would you rather take small steps over the next 2 months to get the thing done? Or wait 2 months just to get started on it?


#truthbomb: there’s never a right time and there’s never a wrong time.


Let go of this false belief so it’s easier for you to take action and get started.


This is just something you telling yourself to avoid doing something. It’s more important to explore that and why you’re avoiding the thing, then it is to keep telling yourself the story that you need to wait for the “perfect time”.


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