Hey There!

I’m the health food obsessed, spiritual seeker, bookworm Productivity Coach who’s hooked on getting things done.

You might be wondering what a Productivity Coach is: I work with creative, passionate and independent women entrepreneurs, so they can finally make the time for those important things they can never seem to get to. Instead of running around doing a million little things, our work together will take all those amazing ideas and projects spinning around in your head and create a focused, clear and positive plan of achievable action. You’ll know without a doubt exactly what you need to be doing to get the results you’ve been hoping for, and to see the impact of all your hard work.

Imagine looking at your schedule and projects and being able to say to yourself “Yes I can totally do this!”

Imagine how it will feel to shift from wishing you were more productive, to actually accomplishing more on a daily basis.

Imagine bragging to all your friends about what you’ve achieved, and talking to everyone you know all about it. They will be amazed by you!

Some people have asked me what kind of education and training I’ve had for Productivity Coaching. The truth is, I’ve had no official training. There is no “Productivity Coach” certificate, diploma or degree out there. No school offers a Productivity Coaching curriculum. My training has been my own personal experience.

Productivity has always come naturally to me – I don’t know any other way of being! And this natural talent is exactly what’s allowed me to be my multi-passionate self, endlessly exploring new places and things. I’ve worked numerous jobs (usually more than one at a time) so I could save money to travel the world. I’ve gone back to school so I could build my own business. I’ve had to reprioritize a lot of things in order to make time for self-care and spirituality. I cook all my food, I volunteer, I socialize, I read at least one book every single month…..I get a solid 8 hours of sleep a night!

My friends describe me as practical, clear, deliberate, to-the-point and realistic. A perfect recipe for productivity, wouldn’t you say? People always ask me how I get things done so fast, I’ve always been praised for my efficiency and others often exclaim “You’re so organized!” and “How do you fit it all in?!” Clients I’ve worked with have said that productivity just “oozes” out of me and that it’s immediately clear that productivity comes to me “naturally”. My aptitude test results always score insanely high on detail orientation, speed, accuracy, prioritizing and creating and managing processes and procedures.

When I was young, I demanded that my parents ask the Easter Bunny for a map of where the eggs were hidden in the house. It would just be more efficient to find them this way! I also insisted on organizing the presents under the Christmas tree – all of my mom’s on the left, my dad’s on the right and mine in the middle. No wasted time searching for gifts!

But it hasn’t always been easy peasy for me….as we all know there are a lot of external people, things and circumstances demanding our time and attention. I’ve struggled against these things to maintain balance, order and peace in my life. I’ve learned how to take back control of my time and not let others take it, so that I can focus on what’s most meaningful to me.

And now I’m helping others like you to do the same, so you can achieve anything and everything you choose. It really drives me crazy when people talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. I wonder why they would disrespect themselves like that, and why they choose to exist in such a frustrating place.

Productivity and juggling all the responsibilities of life isn’t something that they teach us in school, so I’ve created this role of “productivity teacher” to fill that gap.

We’ve all got goals, aspirations and desires, but only so many hours in a day. Sometimes we need help figuring out where to focus our energy, wouldn’t you agree?

I believe without a doubt that it IS possible for you to achieve anything you want – you don’t have to struggle. Productivity can be second nature for you too. You just need clarity, intention and a PLAN. You gotta ask for what you want and take ACTION.

I’ve really dug deep about what I value, what matters most to me, what kind of life I want to create for myself and what gift I have that I can offer the world. This is it. Exploring our values and what matters most to us plays a huge part in our productivity and how we spend our time. Awesome books such as White Hot Truth and The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte, Steering By Starlight by Martha Beck and The Beauty Of Discomfort by Amanda Lang have helped get me to this point, and I recommend them to anyone and everyone in order to inch closer and closer to their ideal lives.

Everything happens for a reason, and everything that has happened to me up to this point (and to you) definitely came at the right time and for a very definite purpose.

Quirky facts you need to know about me: I went back to school part time to become ad Holistic Nutritionist – I have become a literal health freak. It started when I became a vegetarian when I was 16 (it just felt right) in a family of meat eaters. Fifteen years later I introduced (organic) chicken and fish into the mix again. I can’t live without my protein powder, chia seeds and cashew milk. I’m also super into woo-woo, constantly adding new spiritual tools and exercises to my repertoire. I’ve experienced the power of flower essences, positive visualizations and mudras. Got a new tool for me? Bring it on! You also need to know I’m a bookworm. I’m reading all. the. freaking. time. LOVE IT!

I’d Love To Get To Know You Better!

Let’s get on a FREE Discovery Call and chit chat about your productivity!

We’ll have a quick 20-30 minute heart to heart about your challenges and struggles with getting sh** done, achieving your goals and that never ending to-do list. You’ll discover what exactly you can do to find more time in your schedule for those things that matter most to you (psssst: it is possible!)


What My Clients Are Saying

“I was all over the place with my business, and just wanted focus and direction on what to do.

During my coaching, I was able to accomplish so much – there was no time for slacking! Now, managing my goals has become second nature to me.

Jodi listens to you and pushes you to go after your goals. My coaching experience has been perfect and the best experience ever. I would like to thank Jodi for ALL of her help!”

— Maria Merced, Blogger & Virtual Assistant @ maria-merced.com

“Before working with Jodi, I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Every time I started to make progress, I would lose momentum and then would have to play catch up to gain traction again. I didn’t feel as if I was getting anywhere and it was causing a lot of frustration… and not helping my motivation level!

Once I had my productivity coaching session with Jodi, I felt much less scattered and a renewed motivation to keep going on the projects that I wanted to tackle. I had a much clearer idea of what to work on rather than jumping from project to project and not feeling like I’m seeing any progress towards the end goals.

She helped me determine my priorities and a clear plan to accomplish them. I can honestly say that my productivity has increased, and I’ve already seen measurable progress towards my goals. Thank you Jodi!”

— Jessica Nowak, Virtual Assistant @ jessicanowak.com

“Jodi gave me great ideas on how to dramatically cut back my admin time. She questioned my schedule and helped me to see that I can cut back the amount of time I spend on certain things.

She helped me to tackle large projects that had daunted me beforehand. Now I’m looking forward to getting into them! She gave me a ton of tips, ideas and encouragement that I wouldn’t have found on my own. What a relief!

Jodi is a good listener, and she instantly had great ideas which I could put into practice straight away. She’s not a scary uber-productive coach; she has down-to-earth tips and picks you up where you are.”

— Suzanne Dinter, Hypnosis Coach & Hypnotherapist @ suzannedinter.com

 “As an entrepreneur there is always so much to do and working with Jodi helped me to think about what I need to prioritize. I learned not to do everything at once and not to over work.

I knew what I wanted to achieve, and having accountability and support made it easier for me to accomplish. And because we planned my time out well, I stuck to it.

I would say if you have a one- off task or project to get done in a limited amount of time call Jodi! She’s an entrepreneurs best friend. As entrepreneurs we tend to try and take on too much alone. Even a coach needs a coach!”

— Shovorne Adams, Christian Women’s Entrepreneurship & Accountability Coach @thehopetable

“I’m a person with tons of ideas, and like to juggle several things at the same time. After speaking with Jodi, I was able to prioritize the many projects I’m working on, and she gave me actionable advice about how to simplify my to do list. This has changed everything for me!

Now that I can identify my most important tasks, I’m able to get them done first. And I know that I will still have time for all my other creative projects.

I’ve seen progress and feel like I’m on the right path.”

— Ana Matamoros, Interior Designer @ www.analifedesign.com

“I was struggling with too many ideas – I felt like I was constantly bouncing between things without ever accomplishing anything.

Jodi was great to work with! She listened to my unorganized thoughts and honed in on the important ones to help me create a focused to-do list that I can actually manage.

It was helpful to get insights into what to change to make it work better, what things could get cut and how to modify my list to make the things on it easier to accomplish.”

— Lauren Forsythe, creator of myfavoritejobtitleismom.com

“I continually frustrate myself by not following through with what I say I will do. I have tried setting goals and using a calendar, but when the day starts and I skip the first thing on my list, the rest of the day follows in that same vein. I have big goals for myself and my business, and I know that if I don’t complete what I say I will do, I will never achieve what I want to.

I believe when you have a business, investing time in your goals, to-do list and calendar is vital. Jodi’s productivity coaching really helped me focus and gave me tools that have made things totally achievable and, dare I say, easy! I am for sure less overwhelmed by my to-do list – I now know I will show up and do the work and I know how much impact that is going to have on my business.

Jodi is an absolute delight. All the information I received was relatable, informative and very tailored to my own goals, issues and struggles. Her advice and service was excellent and the tools invaluable.

It was a great experience and I am super excited about where all this will take me!”

— Cara Samuels, Health and Wellness Coach @ carasamuels.com