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A huge thanks to you for wanting to shoutout my offers to help your own audience save time and be their most productive selves!

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I’d love for you to spread the word about my offers so that we can help others make the most of their time

My offers include self-taught eCourses, workbooks, printables and Notion templates to help online business owners and soloprenuers to get organized, set priorities, be more intentional so they can make quicker progress on their goals and have more time in their life for the things they love.

I believe that in order to experience life to the fullest, you’ve got to be productive and intentional with your time. Experiences are unlimited, time is not. I (always) say: make the most of your life by making the most of your time.


Click the button below to apply. I review all applications myself to ensure it’s an authentic fit that will benefit both of us as well as your audience (it’s gotta be win-win-win).

Once you’re approved you’ll get an email (subject line: You’ve Been Approved!) prompting you to complete your user profile in my affiliate platform.

You’ll then have access to your own personal affiliate dashboard and will receive an email from me with everything you need to know.

Feel free to promote your unique affiliate link to your audience in the way that’s most authentic and natural for you: email marketing, within blog posts, social media, banners, inside your own eCourses or membership and group programs…there are so many options!

You’ll earn 30% commission each time someone purchases any of my products or offers on my website using your unique affiliate link (cookies are set at 1 full year).

All payouts are in USD$, a minimum of $10 commission is required for payouts and you’ll receive your payouts on the 1st of each month via PayPal.



🎯 You’re an online business owner or solopreneur with a complimentary niche

🎯 Your audience would find immense value in resources that help them make the most of their time and be their most productive selves

🎯 You want to help that audience of yours to shift from overwhelm, stress and frustration about how they spend their time to making more progress and reaching their goals faster.

🎯 You want to create more passive income in your biz with affiliate marketing. Ummm, who wouldn’t?! 😂




I haven't experienced your offers for myself yet - can I still be an affiliate?

Yes for sure! I’m working on some preview and sneak peek videos for my more in-depth offers (ie: eCoures) so you can more easily speak to your audience about the content.

How do I stay up to date on your offers?

I’ll be sending you updates (via email) now and then about any new offers/resources I’ve created. You’ll also be kept in the loop about updates to my existing offers/resources and any launches or special promos I’ve got goin’ on.

What do you provide to help me promote?

To help make promotion that much easier for you, I will provide you with straight forward swipe copy and graphics for each of my offers and products. Graphics that I most commonly provide: square social graphic, IG story sized graphic and banner graphic.

How much commission do I earn?

You’ll earn 30% commission each time someone purchases any of my eCourses, templates or other resources on my website.

How are payouts managed / how do I get paid?

The cookie/referral period is set at 365 days (yay, 1 full year!) 🥳

All payouts are in USD$ and sent to you via PayPal on the 1st of each month.

A minimum of $10 USD commission earned is required for payouts, so any commission payouts owing to you that are below this amount will carry over to next payment period until the minimum is reached.

Which affiliate platform do you use?

I use Easy Affiliates as my platform. This is the first proper affiliate platform I’ve used and my hope is that it will grow with me as my business needs grow. I’d love to hear about your experience with it and any feedback you have about it.

What are your affiliate terms and conditions?

You will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions when you set up your account. If you’d like to review them prior to that you can click here.

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