I decided two weeks ago that I just did NOT want to do anything in my biz


Two weeks ago I was feeling (as I’m sure a lot of YOU were) a lot of shock 🤯 about what was going on with this whole Covid thing, and how fast things were changing.


And all the news reports were very draining as was all the overthinking about what a massive, scary deal this virus is.


My energy and vibe were VERY low and all that drive and motivation I normally feel (to work on my biz, and get stuff done, and go go go) was just gone.  🤦‍♀️


It just wasn’t there and I knew vibrationally I was just in a different place for the moment.


I think my headspace and energy were trying to wrap themselves around what is going on and processing all the constant information and updates coming at us basically every hour of the day…


And also thinking about my loved ones, wondering how people I know and care about are doing, AND how to take care of my own self…even a trip to the grocery store has become a challenging event that requires a lot of planning and decision making!


This kinda stuff takes up a LOT of energy! 😴


Because I was feeling so drained and frankly overwhelmed, I did NOT want to push or force myself to do anything that didn’t feel right. JUST because it’s something I normally do and was part of my old routine.


I don’t believe anything good (or productive) comes out of pushing and forcing yourself to do things when it doesn’t FEEL right!


(DISCLAIMER: this is something totally different than when we feel nervous or uncomfortable with things, like when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones now and then and try new things….that kind of stuff is also, if we’re honest, a bit exciting, it’s the stuff that helps us learn, and develop and grow ourselves and grow our business. The pushing and forcing happens when we go against that deep inner knowing that says “This isn’t right for me right now” about something that just isn’t in your best interest in the moment.)


Over the past two weeks I also knew that my motivation WOULD come back, that my energy would increase again…I trusted that. Drawing and colouring and watching Netflix does eventually get old LOL.


I wasn’t feeling unmotivated because I’m unhappy or frustrated in my business…I have a very strong purpose and personal “why” for what I do as a Productivity Coach and that is enough to keep me motivated NO MATTER WHAT! ❤️


I KNEW exactly why I was unmotivated and feeling overwhelmed…that is obviously crystal clear right now, given the situation we all find ourselves in with this pandemic.


And knowing and trusting that I’d eventually bounce back allowed me to be OK with taking a break, and just doing “nothing” for a little while. And I was probably way overdue for this break actually.


👉👉👉 We ALL need to take a break once in a while, step away from our routine and do something different than we’re used to. THAT is part of a productive lifestyle…TAKING BREAKS.


We can get too caught up in the weeds, overthinking things and burning ourselves out when we just do do do, and we don’t ever step away from our to-do lists and schedule.


A rested and relaxed mind is SHARP and can work faster and make better decisions (about what to do and what not to do, for example) when you do get back to work. 🙌


And when you just let go of your routine and try new things and/or do something creative and fun, your subconscious mind will be working in the background, without you even knowing it, solving different issues and problems for you, and coming up with new ideas and inspiration….when you come back to work, things will be soooo much easier.


So if YOU are feeling drained or just plain unmotivated right now, give yourself a break.


🙏 Rest.

🙏 Relax.

🙏 Do something creative.

🙏 Do whatever FEELS best for your soul right now.


Just remind yourself of your why and your purpose for what you’re taking a break from.

AND trust you’ll move through it and your motivation and energy WILL come back.


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