We’re in the thick of summer and I’ve been trying to make the most of it and getting as much vitamin D as I possibly can! 🌞

I live in Canada so summer is extra special here LOL – our winters are so long and dark that when summer comes it would be obnoxious to waste even a second of the beautiful warm weather. πŸ˜‚

But no matter what the weather’s like where you are in the world, summer is a time of vacations, time off, get togethers, holidays, travel, festivals and road trips.

And while making plans for and doing all of these things πŸ‘† is fun and exciting and you’re totally on board with all of it, there can be an underlying sense of anxiety as you think about #allthethings that you want to get done in your business.

You may even feel like you need to cancel or miss out on the #summerfun because you don’t want to get behind on your work. 😬

Because I’m a Productivity Coach, you may expect me to agree and tell you to prioritize work stuff over frivolous fun. I’m gonna stop you right there. My core belief is this:


Experiences are unlimited, time is not. Make the most of your life by making the most of your time.


What this means is that I do not think your work life should be a priority over personal life.

The purpose of productivity is to balance all aspects of your life so that you’re experiencing everything that you want to.

βœ… Working 24/7 is no way to live.

βœ… Breaks to refresh and recharge yourself are necessary for productivity.

βœ… You’ll never regret making time for fun in the sun.


So how to manage all the summer fun + all the work?


1️⃣ Set fewer priorities —> Make sure you’re laser focused on only the most important and vital things in your business this summer.

2️⃣ Be a master of focus and boundaries —> This will ensure you maximize the time you do have for work.

3️⃣ Accept that less will get done than you’d hoped / expected —> With laser focused priorities you’ll probably have to scratch some things off that to-do list. This is totally OK and does make you any less of an amazing badass business owner. It actually makes you very smart and deliberate.

4️⃣ Add those days off, vacations, etc. to your plan —> Add them to your calendar and schedule today so you have a realistic picture of how much time you’ve got left over for work.


Remember this fact: we tend to over-estimate how much we can get done in the short term and under-estimate how much we can get done in the long term. So paring down that to-do list is something that almost every single one of us should be doing anyway. πŸ™Œ


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