I want to talk to you about the fact that everything you do is a choice. ⁣

⁣Your options (meaning your things) can be taken away. But your choice (meaning your actions) cannot. 🤯⁣

⁣You may not be able to choose everything in your life or everything that happens to you, but you do choose what you do and the actions you take (and don’t take).⁣
The outcome of things, like a collaboration opportunity or a discovery call with a potential client, depends on someone else’s choices.⁣

But in these same situations, your action (aka: choice) is not taken away.⁣

⁣And so you can always choose what to do in the moment: reach out for that collaboration opportunity or follow up with the potential client.⁣
And what to do next: OK so maybe the client didn’t book or the collab fell through…so what’s next?⁣

Start reframing the things you do (and don’t do) as a choice.👍 If you find yourself saying (out loud or in your head)…⁣
* “I have to”⁣
* or “I should”⁣
* or “Someone told me to”⁣
* or “I need to”⁣
* or even “I hate doing…”⁣

…switch that to “I choose to.”⁣

⁣Not “I have to do that collaboration” or “I need to book that client”.⁣
But instead “I choose to…” which puts you in a position of empowerment, taking action and deciding where to focus your time and energy.⁣

Your choices matter!⁣
They make a difference in your life.⁣
If you don’t think your choices matter or make a difference, then you’re likely to be way more passive, say yes to everything, allow others to make the choices for you (that’s where the “I have to’s” and “I should’s” come in) and / or be really upset and sidetracked when something doesn’t go as planned.⁣

⁣Each choice you make creates the kind of life you want to live.⁣

Now I want to hear from you: Do you agree with this choices thing I’m yakkin’ about? Do you disagree? 👇


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