Know Your Priorities 5 Day Bootcamp


You’re taking action on what you think needs to get done but wonder if it’s the right thing to be focused on…😕

Get clear and confident that you’re working on the most impactful and important things in your business every single day.

$40 USD


What you’ll get inside:

Workshop Video

Access to the video recording & transcript to go through at your own pace


4 worksheets and workbooks to guide you through your new focus strategies

Unlimited Access

Go back and reference all of the content any time you need a refresher

This is what you’ll walk away with:


🙌 3 easy strategies to get clear on exactly what your priorities are so you can feel confident you’re working on the most impactful things in your business.

🙌 A streamlined process for making better decisions so that choosing where to focus your time and energy is a ton easier.

🙌 Worksheets to support and guide you through your new and improved focus strategies step-by-step, so you can take action and implement them faster.

Know Your Priorities 5 Day Bootcamp

Take this if you can relate:


✔️ You’re taking action on what you think needs to get done but question if it’s the right thing to be focused on

✔️ You’re constantly second guessing yourself and whether or not you’re working on the best things for your business

✔️ You’re spinning your wheels working on 100 different things because they all seem important

Maybe skip this workshop if:


❌ You’re in the process of deciding which business idea to move forward with

❌ You’re not yet clear about the overall vision and big picture goals you have for your business (figuring these things out is a big job and beyond the scope of this workshop, but a vital first step to getting focused)

What other students have to say

“I was wasting time and needed to focus. After the workshop I knew exactly what to work on! You’ll get clarity quickly without all the fluff.”

- Anna Krueger

Business Coach for Online Therapists @ Telepractice Way

“There are so many tasks I need to do but there is a lot of procrastination and social media rabbit holes. The workshop was very manageable and gave me really good strategies to tackle my projects.

If you’re struggling with the overwhelm on your ever growing to-do list, this workshop will help you prioritize and review your projects in terms of how aligned they are with your business vision and whether they are truly worth spending time on.”

- Monika Alexander

Owner @ M Alexander Pilates

Feel the clarity & confidence of knowing your #1 focus 🤩

$40 USD



A Bit About Your Teacher

Hey There, I’m Jodi, a Productivity Coach. I’m the person you come to when you need to save time and get more done!

I help biz owners and solopreneurs who are stuck in inaction due to confusion and overwhelm. Through my content and products you’ll discover how to make progress on your goals by making better decisions and translating your ideas and projects into doable and actionable steps.

I believe that in order to experience life to the fullest, you’ve got to be productive and intentional with your time.

Experiences are unlimited, time is not, so make the most of your life by making the most of your time.


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