Know Your Priorities 5 Day Bootcamp

Discover exactly what you need to work on now to have a positive impact in your business!

Knowing how to set the right priorities will move you and your business forward faster so you can finally see and experience the results you’ve been waiting for 🎉

The bootcamp is exactly what you need if you’ve ever found yourself thinking:

😳 “I’ve got a lot of good ideas, but figuring out where to focus my energy is tough.”

😳 “I’m already so busy with ______, I can’t get to ________.”

😳 “I have no idea where to start or what’s most important.”

😳 “When I sit down to work, everything feels urgent…ahhhhh!


Those priorities aren’t going to set themselves so get into this bootcamp now!

This is what you’ll achieve by the end:


✔️ Discover how to manage all those amazing ideas spinning around in your head so you can make confident decisions about what’s most important (for you…not someone else)

✔️ Shift from feeling scattered and confused to knowing exactly what you need to be working on first so you can make quicker progress

✔️ Instead of constantly jumping from one thing to the next, trying to get #allthethings done, you’ll be laser focused on (and finishing!) the right things so you can feel at ease and guilt-free about how you’re investing your time and energy

✔️ Become motivated by (rather than dreading) your priorities so you can have the biggest impact possible in your life + biz

Know Your Priorities 5 Day Bootcamp

What to expect each day

One Tutorial

Your quick and dirty lesson for the day

(takes about 3-6 min / day)

One Worksheet

To solidify what you learn

(takes about 15min / day)

Bonus Videos

Next level tips and insights

(takes about 3-6min / day)

What other bootcampers have to say

“I got super clear on what I wanted and need! Feeling so happy knowing that now my time and energy is flowing in the right direction.”

-- Kylie Crawford

Owner of Beading4Healing

“Before taking the bootcamp I felt like everything was in chaos. I gained clarity of where I need to focus and where I need to drop tasks that were no longer serving me.”

- Wendy Baxter

@ Hughie's Event Production Services

“The bootcamp was very clear and easy to follow. It was definitely worth it.”

- Hege Morris

Styling and Product Photography

“If you feel like you need more time to get things done, maybe you’re focusing on the wrong things. This bootcamp will help you to figure out what to do first.”

- Jacqui Wiseman

@ Princess Ballerinas

“This is well worth the time – you’ll find that you will not only feel less overwhelmed, but you will actually make real progress toward your goals!”

-- Sue Brems

“When I saw the bootcamp I jumped on it! It really helped me put things in order and narrow down my priorities to a manageable list.

If you struggle with priorities because everything feels important, this bootcamp will help you bring your daily to-do list down from overwhelming to manageable.”

— Autumn Bradley-O’Rell

Money Mindset & Manifesting Mentor @ Divine Money Matters

“I learned how to easily establish my priorities, which means I’ve stopped procrastinating!”

- Simone Anderson

@ Whimsy Botanicals

Those priorities aren’t going to set themselves 👇


A Bit About The Creator

Hey There, I’m Jodi, a Productivity Coach. I’m the person you come to when you need to save time and get more done!

I help biz owners and solopreneurs who are stuck in inaction due to confusion and overwhelm. Through my content and products you’ll discover how to make progress on your goals by making better decisions and translating your ideas and projects into doable and actionable steps.

I believe that in order to experience life to the fullest, you’ve got to be productive and intentional with your time.

Experiences are unlimited, time is not, so make the most of your life by making the most of your time.


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