Do you ever multi-task? Ya you do!

We allllll do. It’s hard to resist…multi-tasking (also known as task-jumping) makes it feel like we’re getting soooo much done. I mean, we’re busy, go-go-go, rushing, workin’ hard…

But the reality is, multi-tasking wastes our time. 😮

If you’re a sucker for data and numbers: research shows that simply shifting between different types of tasks (aka: multi-tasking!) reduces your overall productivity by up to 40%…and it can take an average of 23 minutes to get back into a new task. Wowza. So if you’re shifting between different tasks all day, that can add up to hours.

The reason for all the added time is that with each change between tasks, your brain 🧠 has to shift into a new way or mode of thinking…it has to recalibrate and reorganize itself to get used to the new task.

So what’s a hard working biz owner to do?!

BATCH! Batching means grouping similar tasks, activities or actions together, and doing them all at once.

When we batch, and we’re focused on one type of task and repeating a very specific and similar action, we get into a flow, meaning we get faster and faster and faster at it (without sacrificing quality or accuracy). Our brain doesn’t have to recalibrate anything, so it can just get used to doing one thing until we’re doing it on auto-pilot.


How To Batch


1️⃣ First, think about what types of tasks you do that you can batch. Batching works great for anything that’s routine or ongoing, so brainstorm allll the things you do on a regular basis.

Some examples to get you started: writing blog posts, scheduling social media, creating graphics, writing newsletters, client calls, content creation, social posting, editing photos, doing your financials, sending emails…the list is endless!


2️⃣ From your brainstorm, define very specific, broken down tasks to batch…the more specific the tasks you batch, the more you will reduce multi-tasking / task-jumping, and get into that flow state.

For example, “record e-course videos” is a separate batched task than “write e-course video scripts”. If you’re doing these at the same time, you’re task jumping, reducing your flow and wasting precious time.


3️⃣ Then create batching to-do lists, so you know exactly what you’re doing while you’re batching, and don’t have to stop or interrupt yourself to figure out what’s next while you’re “in the flow”

For example, on your “record e-course videos” list, you would list each and every individual video you’re going to record. And you’d have a separate list for “write e-course video scripts”.


4️⃣ Last, mark it in your calendar. Treat it like a meeting and block off the time. Find the time you’re least likely to be distracted and make a commitment to it. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it 😉

You’ll of course need to decide on the amount of time you’re going to batch for. Now that you have batching to-do list, you’ll be able to make a very good educated guess, which is good enough. Batch for 1/2 hour, batch for a full day…it’s up to you darlin’!


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