Are you having trouble getting into the flow ?

It’s sooooo frustrating, when you’re stuck, blocked, feeling uninspired…and all you want to do is just take some time to get those ideas out of your head and make them real and create.

First of all, stop sitting back and waiting for it to happen. Stop waiting for the “perfect” time, or a day that you think will be uninterrupted so you won’t get distracted…it’ll never happen (#hardtruth).

Unexpected shit comes up all. the. time. 🤷‍♀️

The great news is that you can create flow for yourself. All you gotta do is plan for it. I can just hear you yelling at me (nicely) “Noooo planning and structure will kill my creativity and especially my flow!”

I’m here to tell you that without planning, it’s even harder to get into your flow state. A plan allows you to carve out the time and space you need for flow, it gets you in the right head space and prepares your mind to start generating ideas and gets your juices flowing…instead of just sitting down and demanding flow of yourself, or waiting for inspiration to hit, you’re intentionally making it happen.


Your Step-by-Step Flow Plan


1) Braindump ahead of time. This means writing down every single thing you’ve got going on, all your to-do’s and everything on your mind. Write it all in one place so you’re not searching for your ideas later or forgetting where you wrote what. This is going to clear your mind ahead of your flow, making it easier to get and stay in that flow.

PRO TIP: keep your braindump within reach, so you can add any random thoughts that distract you while you’re in flow (this can include ideas but also fears, doubts and anxieties).


2) Write down your creative project, starting point, idea, goal, whatever you want to spend your flow time doing. You could even form it as a question if it’s something exploratory.


3) Then walk away from it and do something completely unrelated. Your brain, in the meantime, will marinate on it. Now that this thing or idea is in your consciousness, the mind will be working, sorting and scheming about it in the background. By the time you get to the next step, you’ll be so ready to flow…


4) Schedule time for flow in your calendar. Set aside whatever amount of time you can commit to…5 minutes, an hour, an afternoon, anything. Better to have flowed for a few minutes than not at all!

PRO TIP: Don’t multitask. The point of your flow is to flow…that won’t happen if you’re switching between different tasks. One exception is batching, but I’ll get into that another day 😉


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