Setting boundaries. Dun dun duuun.
So many things AND people are asking for your time, energy and attention!
It feels so good to help others when they ask AND when we get the dopamine rush that comes when we try a “shiny new thing”.
We’re wired to be curious and help each other out, but when you don’t put yourself and your priorities first, what happens? The value you have to offer and how you best serve others is put on the back burner. 🔥
If you haven’t given boundaries much thought until now, here are some ideas of where you could start to set them:
👉 Specify work hours when you are not to be interrupted or disturbed
👉 Set defined times people can contact you and expect a response
👉 Outsourcing biz tasks that aren’t within your area of expertise (ie: bookkeeping, copywriting, social ads, graphic design, techy stuff)
👉 Committing to 2-3 workouts/yoga classes each week
Here are some WAYS that you can start to actually set boundaries:
✅ Simply put the intention out into the Universe. Declare “I want to spend my time doing X, Y and Z.” or “This is how I want X, Y and Z to look: ______.” Be specific!
✅ Talk about your boundary with others. This makes it a more casual discussion ahead of time instead of a reaction and potential disagreement later on in the moment.
✅ Tell others how you believe the boundary will benefit you AND them. And even how it benefits a third party (like your clients or your business itself).
✅ Express gratitude to others for respecting your boundaries AND when others share their boundaries with you.
✅ Keep it short and simple and to the point. This is really about avoiding over explaining. Don’t make excuses or apologize for taking care of yourself and your time!
If setting boundaries is new to you, just take small steps.
Start with easy things like say “no thanks” without further explanation to a telemarketer or if someone offers you gum.
Speak up about your opinion on small things like what to watch on TV one night or which coffee shop you want to go to.
Start checking your email every 30 minutes instead of every 5 minutes (and then hopefully much less frequently than that at some point 😂)
Or decide on just ONE boundary you want to set around your time and do just that for now.
Tell me: where will you start with your boundary setting this week? 👇


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