Have you ever felt the pressure and the guilt of not being “productive enough”? 😬

^^^ It can hit you when you see all the other stuff people are accomplishing, from others’ well intentioned questions about what you’ve been up to or from your own internal stories about how much you “should” be doing.

[Before we continue, let’s assume every time I write the word “productive” below, it’s in quotes] 👍

Feeling frustrated, unhappy and upset about what you have or haven’t done can feel like a gut punch sometimes. It can feel like you’re doing something “wrong” because you just can’t catch up to that to-do list and there’s never enough time in the day to get everything you want done. 🤦‍♀️


Let me tell you: the to-do lists never actually ends (can you imagine if it did…how bizarre would that be?!) and there’s always going to be something else to do.


⛔️ The point isn’t to complete literally everything you ever wanted to do and right now.

✅ The point is that you’re happy with how you spend your time day-to-day, you feel a sense of accomplishment and you know you’re making progress because you’re working on the right stuff.


Being a “productive person” means something different for all of us. You don’t have to be busy-busy-busy all day long in order to be productive. You don’t have to fit into all the traditional definitions of productivity in order to actually be productive.

Productivity has its ups and downs and is a wild ride full of surprises – just because you’re not productive every single day doesn’t mean you’re not a “productive person”. There’s no need to label yourself in order to be a person who gets sh** done and reaches their goals.

Productivity (and life!) is not linear. So it’s OK for your path and progress to be nonlinear too.

We all fall off the productivity wagon once in awhile – don’t let that stop you from making progress and reaching your goals. Keep taking action! Baby steps are where it’s at! 👣


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