Goal Getting Mastermind

You’ve got a big goal you know will have a huge impact on your biz…

…and you’re so sick of it always getting pushed aside. 🤦‍♀️



✔️ You’re an online business owner, working super hard, wearing all the hats, doing all the things – determined is your middle name!


✔️ And you’ve got this amazing idea, a big hairy goal, that you know will have a huge impact on your biz, bring you closer to achieving your vision and create the consistent income and clients you’ve been craving.


But you just can’t seem to make the time or fit it into your schedule. You’re always so busy with all the minutia and day-to-day stuff, it doesn’t seem like it’ll ever happen.


This is your reality with that goal right now:

👎 You’ve been meaning to make time for it forever, but YOU’RE CAUGHT UP IN ALL THE MINUTIAE of running your own business, so it keeps sitting on the shelf.

👎 You’ve got the idea and you’ve got the drive, you just DON’T KNOW WHERE OR HOW TO GET STARTED. Thinking about it all makes your head spin and so you avoid doing anything at all.

👎 You know that if you just had one uninterrupted day or even an afternoon, you’d definitely be able to get somewhere. YOU’RE WAITING FOR THE PERFECT TIME TO WORK ON IT…aaaand it never comes.

👎 You’ve had your biz for awhile now but you’re NOT YET GETTING THE CONSISTENT CLIENTS AND INCOME YOU WISH YOU HAD. You know if you could follow through and commit to working on this goal every day, you could finally achieve just that.



👆 It is possible to turn this reality around…hence, mastermind!


  • You can take consistent action on that goal without neglecting all your other biz tasks
  • You can easily get started and keep making consistent progress until it’s done
  • You can make time for it now and every day instead of waiting for the elusive “perfect” day


Big things happen when small actions are taken. Things like a consistent pipeline of business, clients and income. 🙌


Why I believe in masterminds


One of the first things I did when I started my work as a Productivity Coach was join a mastermind group. To this day I know that it, along with every mastermind and group program that followed, was one of the best investments I ever made.

I’ve heard soooo many of my friends and colleagues say that masterminds are 1) the best investment they ever made and 2) wish they had done it sooner. I seriously couldn’t agree more.

At the beginning of my entrepreneurial venture, they’re what finally gave me the reality check I needed to step outside my comfort zone and take my business growth and progress seriously.

I was so focused on doing what felt easy and comfortable (aka: the stuff that wouldn’t move the needle forward) and this fact became instantly clear as soon as that first mastermind started. Sometimes we just need someone else to point out to us what we already know we should be doing. 😉

As I became more established, I got input and feedback from the mentors and other group members that not only opened my mind to new ideas and ways of doing things that I never would have thought of on my own, but I also gained the perspective I needed to:

  • …get out of my own head and past imposter syndrome so I could serve my clients
  • …put myself out there pitching to speak on podcasts, in FB groups and at virtual summits (voluntarily at that, LOL!) so I would be more visible
  • …have the confidence to try and experiment (and have FUN) with new offerings in my biz so I could figure out what worked best for ME

They supported me when things didn’t go quite as planned (I love a “So what next / What did we learn here?” attitude to the F ups!) And on top of all this goodness, the positive vibes of support and encouragement from those awesome mastermind peeps was invaluable and really a sacred experience I’ll never forget. I draw on that energy constantly in my biz – when I feel the doubt, the worry, the fear, I remember their positive perspectives, their love and their wise words. 😉


>>> Discover how easy it is to get started and make time for your goal so you can finally see and experience a huge impact on your business <<<

“I continually frustrate myself by not following through with what I say I will do. I have tried setting goals and using a calendar, but when the day starts and I skip the first thing on my list, the rest of the day follows in that same vein. I have big goals for myself and my business, and I know that if I don’t complete what I say I will do, I will never achieve what I want to.

Jodi’s productivity coaching really helped me focus and gave me tools that have made things totally achievable and, dare I say, easy! I am for sure less overwhelmed by my to-do list – I now know I will show up and do the work and I know how much impact that is going to have on my business.

Jodi is an absolute delight. All the information I received was relatable, informative and very tailored to my own goals, issues and struggles. Her advice and service was excellent and the tools invaluable.

It was a great experience and I am super excited about where all this will take me!”

Cara Samuels

Life and Wellness Coach, Cara Samuels Holistic Health and Life Coaching

Imagine how things will look once you’ve achieved that goal:


⭐️ You’ve turned the brilliant idea in your head into a reality, creating a tangible experience to offer your audience (and they love you for it).

⭐️ You start to see a consistent pipeline of income and clients roll in – what you’ve created is attracting the ideal clients you’ve been wanting to serve.

⭐️ You feel a sense of control, empowerment and pride (as you well should!) It’s clear to you now that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

⭐️ You’re in a place where you can plan for a guilt-free break or vacation, knowing that you’ve already taken care of the biggest impact item for your business.


After this mastermind you’ll be able to:


✔️ Know exactly how you need to set goals properly from the get-go so you can start and take action on them easily (no more waiting for the elusive “perfect day”).

✔️ Make time in your busy schedule for those high-impact goals every single day so you can stay consistent and keep the momentum going.

✔️ Utilize the goal-getting strategies you learn for any and all your future goals – once you learn them they can’t be unlearned. They’re yours to use forevah, just rinse and repeat the process. Voilà!


Imagine how things will look

“Before working with Jodi, I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Every time I started to make progress, I would lose momentum and then would have to play catch up to gain traction again. I didn’t feel as if I was getting anywhere and it was causing a lot of frustration… and not helping my motivation level!

Once I had my productivity coaching session with Jodi, I felt much less scattered and a renewed motivation to keep going on the projects that I wanted to tackle. I had a much clearer idea of what to work on rather than jumping from project to project and not feeling like I’m seeing any progress towards the end goals.

She helped me determine my priorities and a clear plan to accomplish them. I can honestly say that my productivity has increased, and I’ve already seen measurable progress towards my goals. Thank you Jodi!”

Jessica Nowak

VA, Jessica Nowak & Co. Ltd.

>>> Consistent action on your goals = consistent pipeline of business <<<

What’s Included

  • 4 weeks together as a group so you have the time needed to not only learn your goal-getting strategies but to implement them and make them stick.
  • 4x live group sessions on Zoom (1 ½ – 2 hours each) so you can get the feedback, guidance and accountability you need to take consistent action and stay on track.
  • Private FB group to ask questions, bounce thoughts around, validate your ideas and move past any roadblocks without having to wait until our next live session, so you can keep taking action and moving forward.
  • Time in the “hot seat” for all of us to deep dive into your specific goal so you can make clear decisions about how to proceed and make progress fast.
  • Intimate group of 4 members so you’ve got access to tons of high-touch, personalized support (your voice will be heard and you won’t be lost in a huge crowd of people!)
  • Connection with other business owners experiencing similar challenges and working towards similar goals as you so you can feel encouraged, supported and know that you actually don’t have to do it all alone.

Create a plan and have a clear path forward so you can stay consistent and motivated

Wake up each day knowing exactly where to start and what steps you need to take

Manage your time so you can work on your goal every day without having to drop everything else

Stay consistent and taking action every day with high touch support from me and the group!


The Goal Getting mastermind is for you if:


🙋‍♀️ You’re an online business owner who’s been at it for awhile and established for at least a few years now.

🙋‍♀️ You’ve got an amazing goal that you know will have a huge impact on your biz, but you would love some help knowing where to start and how to make time for it.

🙋‍♀️ You’re determined and ready to take action and finally get that goal off the shelf and make it a reality.

🙋‍♀️ You want support and guidance in order to learn how to get organized and stay consistent so you can achieve your big goals.

🙋‍♀️ You’re crystal clear on your big dream and vision about how you want to contribute to the world and make it a better place through the work that you do.




$297 USD

How to get in on this:


1. Click the button below to get on the waitlist

2. You’ll be added to my email list so we can stay in touch and you can take advantage of all the goodies I send out

3. Keep an eye on your email because you’ll be the first to know when the Goal Getting Mastermind launches next!

“I was struggling with too many ideas – I felt like I was constantly bouncing between things without ever accomplishing anything.

Jodi was great to work with! She listened to my unorganized thoughts and honed in on the important ones to help me create a focused to-do list that I can actually manage.

It was helpful to get insights into what to change to make it work better, what things could get cut and how to modify my list to make the things on it easier to accomplish.”

Lauren Forsythe

My Favourite Job Title Is Mom

“I was all over the place with my business, and just wanted focus and direction on what to do.

During my coaching, I was able to accomplish so much – there was no time for slacking! Now, managing my goals has become second nature to me.

Jodi listens to you and pushes you to go after your goals. My coaching experience has been perfect and the best experience ever. I would like to thank Jodi for ALL of her help!”

Maria Merced

VA, Maria Merced Pinterest Management Services

All your burning questions answered 👇

When does the mastermind start?

The next launch date is TBD so be sure to get on the waitlist so you’re first to hear when it launches. We’ll be meeting as a group on Monday mornings for 4 consecutive weeks between 8am – 11am EST.

What if I can't make it to all the group calls?

Hey, life happens and things come up, so sometimes you might not be able to make a call. Being such a small and intimate group of 4 members, it’s ideal if we can all connect as much as possible, so all I ask is that you set an intention to show up for as many of the calls as possible.

Once you get the specific dates for the next Goal Getting Mastermind (you signed up for the waitlist, right? 😉) check them against your schedule. If you’re thinking you’ll probably have to miss more than one of the four calls, it might be in your and the groups best interest to wait for the next mastermind launch.

What if I get pulled away from my goal or get off track? Will I have to leave the mastermind?

First, this will definitely happen. It happens to everyone (including moi) and that’s A-OK. Being in the mastermind is the perfect time for this to happen actually – we will all be here to support you, manage those roadblocks, get you back on track and remind you of your amazingness when you’re pulled away from your goal.

Will I have to put everything else on hold while I focus on my big goal during the mastermind?

No way! Life and business doesn’t stop when you’re working on a big goal, you’ve got other shiz to get done. The point of this mastermind will be learning how to take action and work on your goal consistently while managing and balancing all the stuff you need to take care of.

How many members will be in the mastermind?

This mastermind is capped at 4 members max, so you can get the most benefit from tons of high-touch, personalized support. Your voice will be heard and you won’t be lost in a huge crowd of people!

What kind of goals are you helping us achieve?

Feel free to bring whatever service-based business goal you’ve got for yourself! The goal-getting strategies you’re going to learn in this mastermind can be applied to any goal, so you can use them over and over again in your biz. Goals like:

  • Developing a new client package or offering
  • Creating an evergreen or passive income product
  • Building a workshop or e-course
  • Forming a membership or subscription service

Disclaimer: I’m not here to achieve your goals for you…I’m here to give you the perspective, tools and strategies you need to make it happen more easily through your own effort.

What's the refund policy?

Once payment is received no refunds are issued. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from participating in the mastermind after payment has been received, that can be discussed 1-on-1 in order to determine an alternative means of supporting you with your goals that works for both of us.

I have another question...

Great! Get in touch with me at info @ jodigraham.com so we can get it answered!

More About Me

Hey! I’m Jodi, I’m a Productivity Coach working with online business owners who are stuck due to overwhelm and confusion. They discover how to take quick action on their big goals so they can create a consistent pipeline of clients and income.

I’m all about making the most of life and in order to do that you’ve got to be productive and intentional with your time. Experiences are unlimited, time is not. Make the most of your life by making the most of your time.

What I’m loving right now:

👉 Yoga (so many great online options these days)

👉 Reading (I carry a book with me literally everywhere)

👉 Woo-woo (I’m especially obsessed with Tarot right now)

“Jodi was very helpful in focusing on what time management and planning methods worked for me vs what I thought I should be using. Realizing that I don’t have to use certain tools was very liberating.

She was an active listener, taking the time to listen to my areas of concern, and then distilling them into practical, easy to follow steps. I highly recommend working with Jodi.”

Louise Nettleton

Professional Organizer @ Simplify

“I was having difficulty managing and finishing all of my projects – I felt overwhelmed and a lack of progress towards my goals.

My productivity coaching has allowed me to see how I can use my time most effectively, and my schedule is now planned out. This has removed distractions and my sense of overwhelm.

Jodi was able to help me focus on what my main priorities are, and to turn my goals into achievable actions. I have come away from my time with Jodi feeling much more motivated and empowered to achieve my goals.”

Helen Cunningham

English Language Teacher, Helen's Language Home

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