Are you taking action on what you want to get done?

It’s way too easy for us to say we’ll do something….and then not actually follow through on it, am I right? 

The secret to taking action probably lies in your “tendency” – as in The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin.

It’s the shizzle when it comes to knowing:
  • What motivates you to take action (or not)
  • How to get yourself to do what you want
  • What you need to do to be  more productive
  • How you can make better decisions
Your First Stepclick here to take the quiz and find out what your tendency is, or determine what it is from this quickie summary:
👉 Upholder: responds well to all expectations, following through on literally everything they set an intention to do themselves, and what others tell them to do.
👉 Obliger: follows through on others expectations and what others tell and expect them to do. Not so much for what they tell themselves to do (if no one is holding them accountable or expecting something, it won’t happen).
👉 Questioner: takes action on their own inner expectations of themselves, and really only follows through on something if they see it as justified and sensible.
👉 Rebel: doesn’t do what others tell them to do, or what they tell themselves to do. They’re most likely to do whatever feels right in the moment.

Your Second Step: come back to this email and take a look at some super practical ways you can take advantage of your own personal tendency to get yourself motivated and into action mode today!

Or just keep doing what you’ve always been doing. The choice is totally yours! 😉

Get Motivated

I talk a LOT about “clarifying your why”, defining you’re purpose, what’s important to you and what you’re working so hard for…⁣your big picture vision. That’s because it’s a prerequisite to staying motivated, focused and working on the right things each and every day.

Here’s how you can clarify your “why” based on your tendency:

Upholders: No problem, you got this covered because I just told you to do it. Done.⁣

Obligers: Think of your “why” from the perspective of others. How are you serving others? How will others benefit from what you’re working on? ⁣What value are you offering the world?

Questioners: When you’re clear about your “why” and purpose, it makes day-to-day decisions easier because you know exactly what you’re working towards and what you want to accomplish. You’ll know if something is worth doing or not. It’s easier to say “no” to things and let certain things go, because you know for certain they don’t align with your big picture goals. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and heartache working on the “wrong” things (those things that don’t help you achieve your goals), and feel excited about what you’re doing in the moment. Is that enough justification for you?⁣

Rebels: You’re probs already super in touch with your identity, authentic desires and “why”. If you express them in the work you do, it’ll make your days flow so much easier and you’ll attract exactly the business and clientele you want. If you don’t express them in your work, it’s going to be a lot more difficult for people to understand what you offer and if they want to work with you or buy your thing. The choice is yours.⁣

Staying Accountable

Here’s the best way to hold yourself accountable, based on your tendency:⁣

⭐ Upholders: Just write it down (to-do list).⁣

⭐ Obligers: Tons of things work for you, but first try an accountability partner. Make sure it’s an Upholder so they don’t flake out on you!⁣

⭐ Questioners: Remember why the thing is so important to do, even if you have to think about how your actions will ultimately benefit the greater good.⁣

⭐ Rebels: Find your nay-sayers and prove those jerks wrong!⁣

Taking Action

Listen up! Here’s ONE SMALL ACTION I want you to take today, based on your tendency , so you can see progress towards what you want:⁣

⭐ Upholders: Start something that you’re a little scared to do. Just take the smallest possible step to get it started, and remember that “perfection” is a myth and there’s no such thing as “failure” (it’s all a learning experience).⁣

⭐ Obligers: Say “no” to something that’s not important to you, so you can say “yes” to something that IS.⁣

⭐ Questioners: Set a deadline for the research and “information gathering” phase of something you’re working on. Give yourself a specific (and short) amount of time for analysis, and then just get started (you’re a smart cookie and already have all the info you need).

⭐ Rebels: For that thing you know you need to do but are having trouble getting to, give yourself lot-sa choice. List 10 ways it could be done. Close your eyes and eeny-meeny-miny-moe it!⁣

Deep-Dive Questions

What I as a Productivity Coach would definitely ask you, as my client, based on your tendency:

⭐ Upholders: What do you want to do most? What are you afraid will happen?⁣

⭐ Obligers: What kind of accountability has worked best for you in the past? A to-do list, an app reminder, regular check-ins from someone, a group setting…something else?⁣ What type of accountability didn’t work for you?

⭐ Questioners: What seems to be dragging out for you right now? What do you wish you could let go of?⁣

⭐ Rebels: How do you want to express yourself in the world? How do you want to be seen and what impact do you want to have?⁣

Saving Time

Heck ya you want to save some time! Here’s how to make that happen:

⭐ Upholders: Don’t keep doing something that doesn’t make sense anymore. Reevaluate what you’re working on once in awhile and ask yourself if it’s still relevant and useful. No point working on something that’s not going to lead to anything meaningful…it’s just wasted time.

⭐ Obligers: Stop giving all your time to others priorities. You love helping people, and that’s awesome, but make sure you’re leaving time open for what matters to you so you can create the business and life you want.

⭐ Questioners: Look out for analysis-paralysis! Let’s not get stuck in a cycle of information gathering, wondering, questioning and pondering…set a limit on time or on number of sources for your research and then take some action based on what you’ve got.

⭐ Rebels: Why bother putting something off, just because it’s “expected” of you? Who cares what anyone else wants or expects – what do you want? Don’t waste time pushing back on expectations – think about how doing the thing will shape your identity and allow you to express yourself.
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