I’m officially giving you permission to let go of that rigid schedule you’ve got planned out!

I was on a client call recently ☎️ and something came up that I thought was really important to share with you – because a lot of us struggle at least a little bit with this sometimes…⁣

The belief that in order to manage and organize your time effectively, you’ve got to create a strict and rigid plan. The belief that being focused and productive means being a regimented little solider with no room for flexibility. 😳⁣

So today I’m putting a PSA out there: that you do not need to be rigid and strict when it comes to planning your time and being focused. 😮⁣

Focus is actually about being regular and being consistent. And in a way that works for you. 🙌⁣

Having the pressure of a strict and rigid plan that you feel you need to follow, whether or not it feels good or works for you, will eventually backfire. You’ll get frustrated the moment you deviate even just a little or the moment you don’t stick to exactly what you’ve planned out. 😭⁣

And then you’ll stop altogether because you’ll think “Why even bother if I can’t do it right!”⁣

“Should’s” don’t work…please stop “shoulding” all over yourself!

In working with my clients I’ve seen a strict plan look like doing things super frequently (like blogging every day or emailing your list twice a week) or doing things at the exact same time and/or day every. single. time.⁣

I’m not here as a Productivity Coach to tell you more “should’s”. Or force you to stick to a regimented plan.⁣ This is me giving you permission to work some flexibility into your schedule! 👊⁣

All you need to do is make sure it’s a schedule 📅 that works for you, that feels good for you, so you can keep showing up consistently.⁣

Remember: “focus” is about being consistent not about being strict.⁣

So off you go now – to be focused in your own special way!! 🏃

Tell me in the comments below 👇👇👇: Does this resonate with you? Do you need some more flexibility in your life?

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