A little while ago I had periodontal surgery, a gum graft to be exact (gross).
So I knew I had to take it easy and relax for at least a couple of days to recover from the minor trauma of having part of my body slice open (gross) and I was so excited to watch some movies. I thought “Finally I can watch some movies I’ve been wanting to see, yay!”
This. 👆 Is weird.
I shouldn’t have to have my gums cut open to allow myself some time to watch movies. 🤦‍♀️
On that note: you shouldn’t need an excuse to take a break and do something fun.
Don’t wait for when you have “more time” to do something fun and exciting. You’ll be waiting and waiting and waiting…
Plan for the funness each and every day:
🎉 Keep the intention to do something fun / relaxing / exciting in mind as you write your to-do list each day.
🎉 Make the fun thing as much of a priority as your work and other tasks (because it is!)
🎉 Doing the fun thing will help you be more productive overall because taking breaks helps you recharge (meaning you come back to your work more clear headed and focused).
🎉 Doing the fun thing will help you be more productive overall because as you wait a little bit to do that fun thing you’ll be full of energy in anticipation of it.
And remember: fun is not always separate from work. If you’re dreading work or wishing you could delegate it to ChatGPT, brainstorm some ways you can actually make the work itself fun so you can look forward to it.
Infuse more fun into your day because productivity shouldn’t be all about hustle and structure. 😉


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