Everything you do is a choice.

Just think about it: every day we’re forced to make literally hundreds of choices. What to eat, what to wear, which route to take to where we’re going, which social media posts to engage with, how to respond to people, what projects to work on for our business…..

And there is so much power behind each and every one of those choices.

Each choice you make defines who you are, creates your identity, who you want to be, who you become.


I’m not trying to freak you out.

I’m just keepin’ it real.


It can, at times, be super difficult to make choices. So we’ll try to avoid making a choice at all. This is usually done by either choosing everything, or choosing nothing.


Non-Choice #1: Doing Everything

Trying to do “all the things” is not a noble pursuit.

If you’re overwhelming yourself with multiple (probably unfinished) projects, tons of to-do’s, and by saying “yes” to everything that comes your way, that’s a choice.

There’s a difference between wanting to work hard in and on your business, and feeling obligated to do stuff, thinking you “should” be doing everything.

Whatever choice you do make, something else has to be given up. Every time you add an item to your to-do list, something else will get less of your time, energy and attention.

It’s impossible to know for sure what the outcome of your choices will be. A bit of faith, trust and a positive outlook goes a long way. Know that things will work out for the best, that everything happens for a reason, everything has a purpose. If you fail, or it doesn’t work out as planned, no doubt you learned something, and maybe even had a some fun along the way.

Instead of trying to do all the things, make a choice.

Instead of FOMO (fear of missing out), embrace JOMO (joy of missing out)! Joy in knowing that you’ve made conscious choices to focus on only the most important and meaningful stuff.


Non-Choice #2: Doing Nothing

Overthinking and overanalyzing are just forms of procrastination, and will get you nowhere.

As long as we avoid making a choice and taking action, it feels like all options are still available to us. But ultimately we lose out on those options and the choice is made for us.

To crush procrastination and inaction, accept the fact that not choosing is in itself a choice.

By taking action you will gain clarity around what you like / don’t like, what works / doesn’t work, and what’s best for you. It’s in the doing that you figure out your next steps and the path you’re most aligned with.

You’ll learn, you’ll gain perspective, you’ll become wise. With this experience, making choices becomes easier and easier.

With every choice there are a multitude of possible outcomes….take inspired action without being attached to the outcome. Remember: things will work out for the best, everything happens for a reason, everything has a purpose.

And all you have to do is take the smallest step. Do whatever excites you most, the thing that makes you feel so good, whatever thing you know without a doubt you can do. It will snowball.


There’s never going to be enough time to get everything we want done.
We always have to make choices, and prioritize our tasks.

Making choices will be easier if you shift your perspective about what you see as “obligations” to seeing them as “choices”.


Choice Affirmation

Instead of saying “I can’t _________” or “I have to _________”, phrase it as “I choose to _________” or “I choose not to _________”.

Write it down and say it out loud – doesn’t it feel so much more empowering?


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