​Think you’re not making much progress? Think again! 🧠

You are making tons of progress.
Every single day.
You’re moving forward.
And getting shit done.

It’s just really easy to ignore that progress, dismiss it, forget it and move on to the next thing on your to-do list. 📝

It can feel so frustrating when you can’t see the progress though…you feel stuck, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, you feel like you’re having no impact at all.

Being able to see the progress you’re making is so motivating….you’re unstoppable, you’re kickin’ ass, you’re in a flow, you’re making a difference.

Let’s bring all that awesome sauce progress you’re making more into your awareness, shall we? 👇


How to consistently see your progress


—> Keep a “Done” list. Don’t just delete things on your to-do list that you’ve finished and move on. Keep them top of mind with a “Done” list…as you finish even the smallest tasks and the bigger projects, add them to the list. Look at it (and smile wide) regularly!

—> Clearly define what success looks like. Knowing the outcome or result you’re aiming for will help you see your progress as you make it, step by step. Do this for the smallest of tasks so you can see how far you’ve come consistently. And also do this for the bigger projects so you know when you’ve achieved the overall goal.

—> Stay focused. On a maximum of 1x main priority and 3x other tasks at any given time. If you’re jumping around between tons of different stuff, it’s unlikely you’ll get any of them done (or at least it’s going to take ya a long time). Staying focused will help you see progress quicker.

—> Get an accountability partner or biz bestie. Talk with someone on a regular basis about what you’re doing…they’ll give you some perspective and kudos for how much you really are doing (and you can return the sweet favour).

—> Think about where you were a few years ago. Or even just a week ago. Take a few seconds to ask yourself how you’ve changed, what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve created for yourself.

—> Celebrate! Whether it’s going out for a night on the town with your BFF’s when you launch that new project, or taking one minute to do a happy dance around your living room when you finish the first tiny step.


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