I went on a shopping spree 💸 and am literally obsessed with a bunch of AHmazing goodies I got from my fellow online business owners!
I use the word “literally” as an ironic intensifier of course (I recently saw that phrase in a newsletter and thought it would make me sound smarty-pants 😂).

Ya know when exactly what you need appears exactly when you need it?! It’s like magic (thank you Universe). 🪄💫 So I just had to share them with you in case they’re exactly what you’re looking for too. 👊
The support I’ve been needing in my own biz most recently is with communication – I’ve always been challenged with describing my offers and being clear about the value they contain. We all need support like this once in awhile, because we can’t #wearallthehats. 👒 Check out my blog post all about how making wise investments in your business can save you so much time (and stress).

And because I value honesty, I’ll let ya know right now (not just in the tiny footer on this site) that pretty much all the links I share below are affiliate links (because all these biz-bosses are smarty pants too for setting up easy-to-join affiliate programs).

That 👆 means I’ll get a commission on any purchases you happen to make through these links, but it doesn’t effect the cost for you and I would literally never share or recommend something to you that I didn’t think was frick’n amazing myself. 😇

📝 Julie Hall’s Adventures In ChatGPT


I think we both know that everyone and their dog has been talking talking about ChatGPT these days and I had been wanting to get in on that party soooo bad. But I had no idea where to start or what I was even supposed to do once I did get started. That felt quite intimidating.

So when I saw Adventures In ChatGPT it was a super easy “yes” for me. Once I went through her quick training (an overview and walkthrough of how to use the platform for all your biz writing needs) I actually felt excited to get started, and I did get started that day.

Now I can’t stop thinking of ways to use the platform and questions to ask it. 😂 It’s really a lot of fun once you get started!


📝 Smooth Sale-ing & Prepare For Launch


If you need some help with your sales pages or copywriting in general, Laura @ Worditude is your gal.

I joined a live round of her Smooth Sale-ing eCourse (one of the best programs I’ve ever joined!) and applied what I had learned to my own The Time Stretcher eCourse (btw that name came from Laura herself) so that I could more clearly communicate the immense value contained within! Not sure when her next live round is, but it’s always available for self-study.

And if you need any guidance or encouragement on your next launch, you’ll love Prepare For Launch (it really helped me gather my thoughts and get organized with my own pre-launch for a new offer I put together).


📝 Liz Wilcox’s Email Marketing Membership


I have been hearing soooo many people talk about the genius of Liz Wilcox and this membership for such a long time and I seriously thought I’d never join…then I did. 😝

And er-mah-gerd I am so happy I did! This thing is seriously jam packed with so much goodness and value.

If you need any help with your own email list, newsletters and just what to generally say to your people (because sometimes #wordsarehard), you’ve got to jump on board (you can get just 1x month for $9 bucks to test it out if you want).


📝 Ruth Poundwhite’s Cultivate Email Marketing


Yep, another email marketing resource LOL. I love Ruth’s authentic and gentle energy and reading her newsletter in my own inbox.

This course takes you through everything you need to know about email marketing from A-Z, with plenty of intentional journal prompts and intention setting.


📝 The £1K Blog Post from Faye Strange


This just sounds so cool, doesn’t it? Another easy yes for me, since I love writing blog posts and I love making money (who doesn’t!?) Plus this quickie training is only £9. 🤯

This is perfect for you if you’re looking to get started with affiliate marketing, blogging and SEO.


📝 Dama Jue’s On Brand Fillable Workbook


I just love Dama’s style: she’s so organized and thorough and the tips she shares in this training are kinda mind-blowing.

If you create any sort of workbooks or worksheets for clients and/or students you’ll want to get this gem —> On Brand Fillable Workbooks (in Google Docs)


If you’ve recently made a cool investment I’d love to hear about it (maybe I need it too) so be sure to leave a comment below! 👇

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