Let’s go a little woo-woo today…and talk all about setting intentions using the cycle of the new moon.

Setting intentions will get you FOCUSED!

Because when you’re carving out some time to consciously think about and thoughtfully consider what you want to do, what you want to accomplish, how you want to spend your time…

…and that makes things much more likely to actually happen!

WHY is the new moon a good time to set intentions? 🧐

🌙 The lunar cycle starts as the new moon and so it represents a new beginning.
🌙 The new moon is closest to the sun at this point and is in shadow, so symbolically we go into the dark and are reborn…again new beginnings!
🌙 Energetically it’s a time of solitude, quiet, being still and turning inward, so spiritually the new moon is a time that’s used to look inside ourselves and go deep within.

So you’ve got new beginnings and turning inward….a perfect combination for making plans and setting goals, targets, objectives, intentions 👌


How To Do a New Moon Intention Setting Ritual:


👉 First, set up a clean and uncluttered space. Somewhere that will allow you to feel calm and is distraction free.

👉 Get out a pen and some blank paper.

👉 Next, sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths to clear you mind, ground and center yourself, and chill.

👉 When you feel ready, start writing out a clear and detailed list of the intentions you want to set. Think ahead for the coming month and what you want to manifest:

—> What you want to finish or complete
—> What you want to accomplish
—> What goals you want to achieve
—> And also the things you want to feel and experience….it’s not always about getting a thing done! You want to experience life and your day to day in a certain way, so name that.

👉 When you’re done your list, take a moment to read what you’ve written out loud. Saying your intentions out loud puts more power behind them and makes them more real because you’ll feel them more strongly.

Honestly that’s it! Simple right? 🙂


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