If there’s something on your to-do list…
Or sitting on your braindump…
Or circling in your mind that you’ve been thinking about doing…
And you just keep wondering if you should move forward with “the thing”…
Ask yourself these 4 questions:
🤔 What are the pros of doing the thing?
🤔 What are the cons of doing it?
🤔 What are the pros of NOT doing it?
🤔 What are the cons of NOT doing it?
Whoa. 🤯 We often (over)think and focus hard on the perspective of DOING but rarely from the perspective of NOT DOING.
Shift into that space of “the thing” NOT getting done – how does that look for you? What effect does it have on your biz and on your life?
It can be really easy to think of those pros and cons of actually doing something – it can be pretty obvious stuff that comes up, which isn’t always super helpful in making a decision.
But it’s a little trickier to think about the pros and cons of NOT doing it…like, really? There’s PROS to NOT doing the thing? 🤯
That question can bring up our fears and show us where we’re maybe uncomfortable and avoiding and procrastinating on doing something. OR it can show us how not doing something is actually really good for us because we realize we’re already focused on something really awesome that’s already getting us results. So then we can let go of that guilt and “shoulding” on ourselves about doing it.
Are you coming from a place of fear or genuinely wanting to put it aside?
Go give it a try and share below what you discover. 😉
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