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Get your Notion workspace organized for the way your brain works and how you work best to save yourself countless hours each week: I’m here to build your Notion dashboard for you!

So you’ve taken the plunge into Notion, but…

👎 You crave Notion processes that meet your unique needs as a business owner, for things like SOP’s, lead tracking and content repurposing. Templates got you this far but they’re not formatted exactly how you like and just don’t work for you anymore.

😫 You’re feeling like a hot mess with all-over-the-place workspaces and you really need a practical and effective system set up.

👎 You’re just not able to DIY it anymore, especially for your growing business needs which have become involved and complex (like new high-touch offers, a busier client schedule, bigger projects to manage).

😫 You’re feeling overwhelmed when you think of expanding beyond the basics like a to-do list, calendar or data dumped into a table and want to get it DFY.

👎 You do not have time to set Notion up for the way you think and the way you run your business, but you love how comprehensive and flexible Notion can be.

😫 You’re being pulled away from your clients and money generating business activities while you try to figure out the things you want Notion to do for you.

👎 You want to get on board with Notion ASAP because all your clients seem to be moving onto the platform.

…so much time is being wasted trying to set up a Notion dashboard that works for you, that client work is being neglected and you’re missing big biz opportunities. 🤦

I’m here to help you change that. 🥳

Some examples of what you can get in a custom Notion template:

📝 Build a streamlined process for your podcast, including task checklists, guest scheduling, episode notes and content workflows.

📝 Get a ClickUp, Google Sheet, PDF or other template you already have on another platform repurposed within Notion

📝 Build a project workflow so every task and all the moving pieces stay on track to hit your revenue goals this year

📝 Creating a dashboard or hub for your team or agency so all SOPs are at their fingertips and your team knows where to find everything without needing to reach out to you

📝 Set up an eCourse or membership to enhance and improve your customer and client user experience


Instead of having tasks, ideas and important to-do’s scattered across a mountain of random Post-it Notes and Google Docs, you’ll have an all-in-one workspace for your content repurposing, client onboarding, project planning , daily task management or lead tracking that works for you and your business.




* custom templates are custom quoted *

(starts at $350 USD)

Hey I’m Jodi 👋 and I will make Notion easy for you to grow your business and accomplish more of your goals this year​

I’ve been using Notion almost daily for over a year now. And I absolutely love it.💕

I could never get 100% onboard with other project management platforms like Trello and Asana…they definitely make things more organized, but they don’t hold a candle 🕯️ to Notion as the saying goes. It’s Notion’s combination of flexibility, in-depth functionality and aesthetics that got me hooked!

Finally there’s a platform that can be organized for you specifically! Instead of forcing yourself to work within someone else’s system and style, you’ll be working more efficiently and creating more results because you can organize Notion the way your brain works and how you work best.

Over 450 wise people have invested in my Notion templates to date, I’ve received Notion’s own Notion Essentials badge, there are multiple 5-star reviews in my shop (thank you to my shoppers reading this! 🙏) and I’ve received “Star Seller” status on Etsy’s platform several months in a row.

Now I’m here to optimize your Notion workspaces and make it a powerhouse for your business. The best part is that I can do in quickly what could take you several weeks or even months to do on your own.

Your next steps to get started:


1. Book a 30 minute Consult Call in my calendar by clicking any of the “Let’s Connect” buttons on this page.

2. You’ll receive an email from TidyCal confirming your booking (the subject line will read “Invitation: Consultation Call”).

3. You’ll also receive reminder emails 24 hours and 1 hour prior to our call (also from TidyCal, with “Upcoming booking reminder” in the subject line).

4. We’ll meet on Zoom at the time scheduled so we can go through all the details of what you need in a Notion template and to provide you with a custom $ quote.

Got questions? I’ve got you covered 💬

When can we get started?

We’ll get started with a Consult Call on the date and time that works best for both of us! Simply click any of the “Let’s Connect” buttons on this page and schedule your Consult Call in our calendars.

When exactly will I get my final custom Notion template?

After our Consult Call, you’ll receive a contract for signature, a payment form and a list of any assets / information that we agreed are required for your custom Notion template build.

Delivery of your final custom Notion template will depend on my availability and workload at the time we meet. At the moment I’m working with timelines of 3 – 4 weeks after all of the above is received, to deliver custom templates.

What if I'd like to tweak or revise something on the final template?

No worries! You’ll have 14 calendar days to request any small tweaks and revisions you’d like to make to your beautiful brand new custom Notion template.

Note: Any revisions will apply to the data and information already contained within the final delivered product. Any in-depth additions or high volume requests may require extra charges.

Do I need a free or paid Notion account for this?

At this point in time I  work in the free version of Notion so anything covered will apply only to the free version.

I'm new to Notion, is that OK?

Totally OK if you’re a beginner! If you’re clear on what you want Notion to do for you and the processes that you need set up, but you’re just not quite show how to build it or simply don’t have the time to build it, this DFY service is perfect to get you started.

What's the refund policy?

Once payment is received no refunds are issued.

Your Consult Call is complimentary, so you can get all of the details and all of your questions answered prior to making the investment.

I have another question...

Great! Get in touch with me at info @ or click the little chat bubble in the bottom-right-hand-corner of this screen so we can get it answered!

And please feel free to book in a no obligation Consult Call with me if you want to talk more about this DFY offer to be sure it’s the perfect fit for you and your business right now.


Here’s what others think of my Notion work & templates


What clients of my other one-to-one offers have to say

“I was stuck and needed help getting organized. I spent months doing nothing because of overwhelm and stress.

Jodi helped bring me through the fog – after my coaching session, I was able to organize my tasks which helped me get things done because it didn’t seem so daunting anymore. In the few weeks since, I’ve completed five goals that I had which is huge, since prior to that I spent nine months getting nowhere.

This was money well spent, Jodi is great to work with and so kind. She got me on track and I am where I need to be.”

Jeanette Graham, Host/Producer @ Excuse My ADHD

Jodi’s productivity coaching really helped me focus and gave me tools that have made things totally achievable and, dare I say, easy! I am for sure less overwhelmed by my to-do list – I now know I will show up and do the work and I know how much impact that is going to have on my business.

Jodi is an absolute delight. All the information I received was relatable, informative and very tailored to my own goals, issues and struggles. Her advice and service was excellent and the tools invaluable.

It was a great experience and I am super excited about where all this will take me!”

Cara Samuels, Life and Wellness Coach

“Jodi gave me great ideas on how to dramatically cut back my admin time. She questioned my schedule and helped me to see that I can cut back the amount of time I spend on certain things.

She helped me to tackle large projects that had daunted me beforehand. Now I’m looking forward to getting into them! She gave me a ton of tips, ideas and encouragement that I wouldn’t have found on my own. What a relief!

Jodi is a good listener, and she instantly had great ideas which I could put into practice straight away. She’s not a scary uber-productive coach; she has down-to-earth tips and picks you up where you are.”

Suzanne Dinter, Hypnosis Coach & Hypnotherapist

“I was all over the place with my business, and just wanted focus and direction on what to do.

During my coaching, I was able to accomplish so much – there was no time for slacking! Now, managing my goals has become second nature to me.

Jodi listens to you and pushes you to go after your goals. My coaching experience has been perfect and the best experience ever. I would like to thank Jodi for ALL of her help!”

Maria Merced, Pinterest Management

“I was struggling with too many ideas – I felt like I was constantly bouncing between things without ever accomplishing anything.

Jodi was great to work with! She listened to my unorganized thoughts and honed in on the important ones to help me create a focused to-do list that I can actually manage.

It was helpful to get insights into what to change to make it work better, what things could get cut and how to modify my list to make the things on it easier to accomplish.”

Lauren Forsythe @ My Favourite Job Title Is Mom

“Before working with Jodi, I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Every time I started to make progress, I would lose momentum and then would have to play catch up to gain traction again. I didn’t feel as if I was getting anywhere and it was causing a lot of frustration.

Once I had my productivity coaching session with Jodi, I felt much less scattered and a renewed motivation to keep going on the projects that I wanted to tackle.

She helped me determine my priorities and a clear plan to accomplish them. I can honestly say that my productivity has increased, and I’ve already seen measurable progress towards my goals. Thank you Jodi!”

Jessica Nowak, Virtual Assistant


Let’s get your completely custom Notion workspace done 👇

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