Distractions are no joke

Today I’m getting up on my soap box to speak up about the reality of distractions in your online biz!

Here it goes…

It seems like you can always find a way to get distracted in your biz…it’s the nature of being an online entrepreneur.

—–> Someone just did an awesome launch online, so you’ve gotta do one now too!

—–> You read about an amazing new blogging strategy, so you add it to your to-do list immediately!

—–> An expert you follow swears by a certain social media platform (OMG you need to be there), so you get started on it right away!

You’re eagerly and happily doing all the things. 

Next thing you know, you’ve got a bunch of half-finished projects on the shelf, overwhelm is taking over and you feel like you’re spinning your wheels. 👎

Is this speaking to you?! Well read on…

Look, I know you’ve got soooo many amazing ideas…
👉 Amazing ideas you want to launch
👉 Ideas that will grow and scale your biz
👉 That will give your audience insane value
👉 And you want to make them all happen right now, because you love your biz, you love your audience and you just want to give them both everything you’ve got!


But chasing after all these shiny objects is not going to allow you to create the biz you want. ☹️ 

It’s not going to serve your audience and it definitely isn’t going to get you the results you want. Results like seeing forward movement and progress in your biz, growth in your biz, more and more income in your biz…

…if you’re going after all those shiny objects…
…if you’re trying to do all the things…
…if you’re just adding more and more to your plate…
…if you’re spreading yourself too thin…
…and if you’re trying to wear all the hats.

When you’re working on a ton of different things, you end up not really doing anything. It might feel like you’re doing things because you’re busy. But what are you actually accomplishing?

What I mean by this is that you aren’t doing any of them well, because you’re not giving any one thing the attention and energy that they need, require, deserve.

Your focus is fragmented between several different things, so no one thing you’re working on is looked at in detail, and deeply understood, and well thought out…because you’re constantly rushing rushing rushing, to get to the next thing on your to-do list.

And on top of that, you’ll never know if each thing you’ve done truly worked or not, if it was actually effective, if it created the result you wanted. Because:

a) You’ll just be jumping to the next thing without giving the results of what you already finished (or half finished) a second thought, and/or

b) because you didn’t do it as well as you could have (had you been focused), maybe you didn’t even complete it fully, and you didn’t put all your energy behind it.

So it didn’t produce much result in the first place or the results are skewed…they don’t reflect a job well done, or a job done. They only reflect a quick and haphazard job done, an incomplete job.

Some results are better than nothing, yes, but are you actually happy with and proud of half-assed results? Is your online business happy and proud?

When you’re focused, that’s when you can really create results. You can give it the time and energy it needs, you can put everything you’ve got into it, and then you can monitor some solid results that you’ve created, learn from them and tweak things where necessary to make it even better, and really create an impact for your clients and biz, before moving on to the next thing.

It’s like the saying goes, Jack of all trades and master of none.

You want to be a master of your biz, right? You want to offer your clients the best of what you’ve got to give. You don’t want to be known as someone who just dabbles in a bunch of different things.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need to keep spinning our wheels 🙌
It is possible to get and stay focused on the things that will have the biggest impact on your biz 🙌

Here’s the “bad” news: it’s not possible to get rid of distractions and shiny objects completely.

But that’s OK because it’s about cultivating a balance between allowing yourself to be inspired by things (rather than distracted) and being focused enough to see your current projects through to the end.

☑️ THAT is what makes you effective in your biz.

☑️ THAT is what will bring you the results (aka: income + growth) you want in your biz.

☑️ THAT is focus.

Comment below if you know you need to get focused 👇 👇 👇 


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