A lot of people I talk to and clients I coach wonder “Should I plan each day, or is planning by week better?” 🧐


Daily planning is ideal if you:


Are motivated by deadlines
Tend to spend a lot of time wondering what to do
Often become stuck in your head or stuck in indecision
Get distracted easily

And if you’re sitting there wondering how to make a daily plan (because it can be confusing and there are strategies that make your daily planning more effective and doable)…

…I’ve got an eCourse all about that called How To Create & Manage a Daily To-Do List. By using the strategies I teach in this self-taught eCourse, which you can finish in the same time it takes to drink your morning coffee, you’ll discover how to save yourself 2 hours every. single. day. 🤯 so you can spend the time you’ve been wanting to on your creative passion, with your family, indulging your hobbies – the choice is yours!


Planning by week is still enough structure to get focused and take action, but it also gives you more flexibility to do what you feel or take care of what comes up in the moment.


Weekly planning is ideal if you:


Have a side-hustle (and/or you otherwise have a lot of unpredictability in each day)…because we all have distractions, but a 9-5 will bring you a lot more distraction during the day. So rather than constantly having to tweak and change your daily plan, go by week.
Cringe at the thought of planning by day (if it doesn’t feel right, don’t force it)
Haven’t planned much before
Feel motivated when there’s some spontaneity each day
Really like doing what you want in the moment


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