No matter what your business and niche are, I’ll bet you consider yourself creative, yes? (if not, share in the comments below and LMK which adjectives you use to describe yourself as a biz owner, I’m so curious!)
Creativity doesn’t just apply to artists or those who build something with their hands – I believe if you’re a biz owner you’re creative. Like every day.
🎨 Writing your blog posts is creative.
🎨 Coaching your clients is creative.
🎨 Brainstorming your next offer is creative.
🎨 Putting a sales funnel together is creative.
🎨 Setting up a Google sheet tracker is creative.
And if you’re at all resistant to planning your day or managing your time because you think it’ll make you less creative, let me tell you that no, just no, that’s not true.
The word “planning” can sound all structure-y and in a sense it is, but it also frees up your creativity and allows it to flow.

Here’s Why You Want To Plan So You Can More Creative

1️⃣ Not having a plan (in essence, not setting goals and making decisions about what is a priority and what isn’t) can actually suppress your creative juices because your mind is just too busy jumping around between tasks and trying to figure out what to do.
That 👆 takes up a ton of energy and the brain can only handle so much each day (mental exhaustion anyone?)
2️⃣ Structure will open up more creativity for you because it challenges you to think of new ideas and ways of doing things.
It will force you to act quicker and listen to your gut more whereas having too much “freedom” can paralyze us and stop us from getting started or taking action int he first place (it’s just too open).
3️⃣ Winging it every day results in confusion and stuckness which will stop you from getting started or taking action in the first place.
4️⃣ Having parameters around our time also gives that time more focus, meaning and clarity – it’s like a guiding star for what you’re trying to achieve.
A creative example I love is music: it’s incredibly structured (what with the sheet music and all) but working within those constraints the musician can make the music their own by how they press the keys, their volume, their speed, etc.
I talk all about how to manage your time so you can get into your own creative flow in The Time Stretcher: a self-study eCourse for business owners that want to create a bigger impact in their business in less time each day!
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