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For bundle buyers: make the most of the online bundles you sign up for so you can achieve the most growth and value possible for your business.

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Distraction, FOMO and overwhelm are easy to come by when there are so many amazing options to choose from in a bundle, so getting organized with this Bundle Tracker Notion template will help you not only save time but be more intentional with what you redeem.

Format: Notion template (note: you will need a Notion account to use this template)






→ Space to store details for every single bundle you sign up for (this isn’t for just one bundle!)

→ Quick & easy access to each bundle as well as all of the individual resources login details

→ 5 different ways to sort and view all of the available offers

→ Quick reference of those offers you’re interested in, and those that you have and haven’t yet redeemed

→ Space to make an action plan and outline next steps to take with the content you’ve redeemed

→ Running total of your personal total redemption value

→ Calendar to set reminders of key dates and deadlines & save online event details

→ Bundle wish list to outline the products and offers you most want to find

→ Template button to easily create new pages for each bundle

→ Archive folder so you can keep things organized and streamlined by filing away those bundles you’re done with



💬 “Having all my bundle purchases in one tidy place means less time spend searching for what I want. Thanks Jodi!” — Sheila Streetman, visual brand creator

💬 “I love this and the instructions and ideas are absolutely perfect to make it easier to manage!” – Jami

💬 I love it–what a beautiful, well-designed template!!” – Abby

💬 “Jodi’s Notion templates are awesome! They have more than everything I need and are even FUN to interact with. Everything is so well-thought-out and structured in a simple, usable way. I’m fairly new to Notion and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it. But Jodi’s Quarterly Planner has given me clarity, direction, and an easy-to-follow to-do list.

Throughout the templates, she provides beginner-friendly instructions and explanations for how to implement the templates and get the most out of them. She’s made it very simple to understand, even for those of us who aren’t technical experts.

I also love that she’s provided so many helpful, uncomplicated details and prompts. I find myself considering important tasks and structures I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Jodi has helped me organize the “junk drawer” of my business. The clutter is gone and I’m much more clear-headed and efficient.” – Caroline Busick, Make It Joy – Life & Spiritual Coaching for Women



Once you purchase the template, you’ll immediately receive a PDF file with a link to access them in your Notion account (this will be emailed to you right away) along with written instructions to duplicate them into your personal Notion account. Video tutorials are also included (the links can be found in the same PDF file and on the home page of each Notion template).



° This template only works within Notion (including the free version) and cannot be used within any other applications or platforms

° A basic understanding of how Notion works will be required to use these templates



It’s a free all-in-one productivity software tool that provides a customizable workspace where you plan, write, organize, manage and collaborate on tasks. It includes tools such as calendars, databases, lists, images and reminders so you can easily manage any project. Notion is free for a personal plan and is accessible on all devices connected to the internet.



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