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Checking email can waste a ton of your time and reduces your productivity big time, but the thought of leaving people hanging without a response is anxiety producing.

Let go and step away from your inbox while still acknowledging and nurturing your clients and contacts with these email autoresponder templates. Set boundaries and clarify expectations to make both your life and your contacts’ lives easier.

Format: PDF

💬 “I wanted to be more efficient with my time, working smarter not harder – these templates gave me permission to not check my email constantly throughout the day.” – Jen Fieldman, Intuitive Business Coach




What’s included:

  • 6-page PDF swipe file
  • 4 email autoresponder templates to easily copy & paste into your own email platform
  • Tips and tricks to help make those emails work hard for you!

Download the PDF to copy and paste the templates!

💬 “Jodi’s email templates are easy to use and super strategic. I love how they create boundaries and save you time! And secretly I love how it goes against the hustle culture and models it in a different way.” – Justine Hwang @ It Just Flows




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