Goal Setting Workbook



Make your goal setting process easy and fun with this Goal Setting Workbook. You’ll be guided through each of the 6 vital steps to setting intentional, meaningful and achievable goals. Get ready for a serious dose of self-awareness and clarity!

Format: PDF

💬 “I’ve done many goal setting classes and used many workbooks and this one was way more detailed than I have ever seen! It took the overwhelm out of my goal and brought real emotion and feeling into creating it.” – Aimee Leptik @ The Little Bird Designs



What’s included:

  • 27x page PDF download
  • Easy to follow 6-step goal setting process
  • Workbook is blank so can be used over and over again

This workbook can be used directly on your desktop or device (it’s fillable!) or printed out for some pen-and-paper attention.


💬 “I loved how the Goal Setting Workbook was comprehensive, but really broke it down step by step. It also took a holistic approach, so it’s not just about getting a ton of stuff done but drew me to connect with how I want to feel and the importance of prioritizing the truly important things in life.” – Justine Hwang @ It Just Flows


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