Notion Power Hour (Blooming Good Gift Guide)



Book in a full DWY hour dedicated to your “Notion Needs” so you can get 1-2-1 personalized and on-the-spot support to get unstuck and moving forward with your Notion setup quickly and confidently.

This is for those who’ve: found themselves overwhelmed with Notion, are needing guidance in setting things up or are just totally over the time suck and stress of Googling and YouTube-ing DIY tutorials. 🤣

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Examples of what can be covered during a Notion Power Hour:

⭐️ Review and audit your current Notion workspaces to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible

⭐️ Build and set up new pages and templates from scratch so they’re optimized for you from the get-go

⭐️ More personalized walkthrough or guidance for customization of a template you purchased in my shop

⭐️ Tweak, organize and outline database and page setup so it aligns with your personal style and makes logical sense to you

⭐️ Troubleshoot issues and glitches you’ve encountered along the way

⭐️ Answer any questions you have about Notion set up, logistics and functionality


Read more about Notion Power Hours


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