Set Priorities Workbook



Having a hard time figuring out where to start with all your to-do’s or which project to put ahead of all the rest? The three strategies in this workbook give you a framework that makes it easy to decide which goals and projects are actually worthy of your attention and should be prioritized now.

They offer an objective perspective of how to allocate your precious time and energy and give you clear parameters that can be used over and over again, any time you need to make those difficult decisions and clarify your priorities.

Format: PDF




What’s included:

  • 8x page PDF download
  • 3x easy to follow priority setting strategies
  • Workbook is blank so can be used over and over again

The workbook can be used directly on your desktop or device (it’s fillable!) or printed out for some pen-and-paper attention.

💬 “Jodi’s priority setting worksheets gave me new frameworks to help me think through what makes something valuable enough to pursue. It made me realize how many important things I’m putting off and helped me to see the things that aren’t even important at all.” – Justine Hwang @ It Just Flows


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