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Digital & Email Organization

Digital Clutter Cure

Learn the digital shortcuts and systems that’ll save you tons of time and frustration in this popular eCourse.

Gmail Magic

In this eBook you’ll learn lesser known Gmail hacks to maximize productivity and reach inbox zero.

Gmail Inbox Zero

A video demo that’ll help you achieve Gmail inbox zero in under 10 minutes using only free built-in Gmail tools

Get Productive With G Suite

A step-by-step framework that allows you to fit Google’s Suite of Products (free or paid) together for ultimate productivity, execution, and results.

Top 40 Time Saving Google Hacks

Download all of these amazing hacks which you probably haven’t heard of before (I hadn’t!) Includes Google Drive, Gmail, Chrome and all other Google Tools.

Bookmark Folder System

Discover the time saving magic of properly organizing your online bookmarks with this free 10-minute video tutorial and PDF guide.

Goodbye Digi-Clutter

In this workshop you’ll declutter your digital space and discover how not manage all that old clutter.

Productivity Focused Memberships

Shiny Squirrel Chaser’s Club

If you’ve got a ton of shiny new ideas this membership will show you exactly how to productively chase (and grow!) those amazing ideas.

Productive Entrepreneurs Club

In this club you’ll get exactly what you need to start taking consistent, bite-sized actions towards getting more productive and seeing big results.

Ignite Membership

Tons of resources to help you defeat overwhelm, 10x your progress & get results so you can scale your business fast.

Creative Planning Community

A place to chat about planning, creativity and doodling – a fun little place for all Planning Mashers to get together.

Planning & Scheduling

Theme Day Planning Method

This eCourse will pull you out of overwhelm and laser-focused on your priorities in just 2 hours.

What Kind Of Planner Are You Quiz

Discover your planning personality type with this fun quiz and get personalized strategies to enhance your efficiency.

Monthly Planning Simplified

And easy 3-step process to simplify your monthly planning and reach your online biz goals.

Weekly Planning Starter Kit

Learn how to effectively plan out your week in less than 30 minutes even if you’ve got an overwhelming to-do list.

Elastic Planning Workshop

Discover a flexible approach to planning your projects that adapts to your actual life and schedule.

Perfect Weekly Spread

Get productive with a creative a perfect weekly spread and Bullet Journal weekly planning system.

Online Platforms & Apps


An all-in-one platform that provides customizable workspace to plan, write, organize, manage & collaborate on tasks.


Forget about repetitive typing and save yourself time by creating text shortcuts that work on all your apps and websites.

Marketing Magic App

An AI-powered tool that saves you time in crafting ready-to-use sales and marketing assets using your brand’s tone of voice.


Motion uses AI to auto-build your schedule, plan your day, slot in your meetings & create your to-do list.

Physical Planners, Workbooks & Tools

Habit Workbook Bundle

A specially curated set of tools to help you turn your habit goals into reality. Includes a habit workbook, sticky notes, magnetic bookmarks, motivational page markers and pencil pouch.

Fresh Start Daily Goal Planner

Combines thoughtful, intentional daily planning pages with a powerful goal-setting process. Space for your to-do list, priorities and daily gratitude.

Girls Goal Planner

Created by child psychologists and developmental therapists for girls aged 8 – 13. A fun, research-backed activity book that will help girls grow in resiliency, mindset, grit & character.

PowerSheets Goal Planner

Both pretty and practical, PowerSheets will help you set, plan, and track progress towards the goals that matter most.

She Plans

Planners with a beautiful and minimalist aesthetic and they’re thoughtfully designed to help you keep things simple.

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