Society is rewarding you for being overwhelmed and distracted. 😮


You’ve been told that in order to be successful you need to work hard, burn the midnight oil, put your nose 👃 to grindstone (what silly sayings!)

In other words, say yes to EVERY opportunity that comes your way, have yourself pulled in multiple directions, juggle a million things at once, fill your schedule to the max. It’s basically an expectation these days! 🤦‍♀️


Then you can “busy brag” along with everyone else: talk about 🗣 your hectic life and the online biz that’s full of chaos. Wear that busy as a badge of honour.

We see the busy bragging in the people around us and on social media, and the assumption is that successful and having the best experience of life. And we in turn can feel insecure about our own idle or down time. 🙁


People are sooooo impressed when you talk about the laundry list of things you’re doing.

Not so much when you say “I’m focused on [insert ONE thing here].”

Focus is seen as lazy. Not trying hard enough. Slacking off. Something’s wrong with you.


But focus is EXACTLY what brings you SUCCESS!

It’s FOCUS that:

✅ Allows you to follow through
✅ Gets your project finished
✅ Lets you launch that offering
✅ Brings you growth and progress


Don’t you agree that the more focused you are, the more likely you are to do all of these things (follow through, finish, launch, progress)? 🧐 THAT’S hard work, dedication, something you should be very PROUD of. 🙌 Getting results like this should be admired and respected.


So take OFF that pressure that society puts on you to be overwhelmed and distracted all over the place.

Give yourself permission to be FOCUSED.👌


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