So is what you’re working on each day bringing you closer to your dreams? Can you say with certainty that you feel like you’re moving forward, closer and closer to what you desire?

Maybe you’ve been procrastinating.

Perhaps you just keep losing your motivation.

Or you might just feel stuck.

Sometimes we lack motivation, lost momentum or generally feel blah because the thing we’re working on doesn’t actually matter all that much to us… doesn’t match our values or ultimate vision for who we want to be or what we want to achieve.
Sometimes we accidentally spend our precious and limited time working on someone else’s dream. Or waste our energy working so hard on things that will actually have no positive or impactful effect on our lives.

If you’ve never even thought to consider your why before, don’t worry! You are not alone! And it’s never too late to decide what it is that you truly and deeply want.

Rather than work on autopilot, take a step back and look at your big picture. For each of your tasks, goals and projects, ask yourself the following questions to see if you’re working on the right stuff and moving in the right direction. Your answers may allow you to let go of what’s not important, freeing up your time for what is.

Questions To Find Your “Why”

– Why is this important to me?
– Why did I set this goal / start working on this project in the first place?
– What purpose does it serve?
– What do I most want to see come out of it?
– What is it going to help me accomplish?
– How will I feel when I’m done or when this goal is achieved?
– How does it align with my values?
– Is this bringing me closer to my big picture desires and vision I have for myself and my life? How specifically is this happening?

PRO TIP: Look out for words like “should”, “have to”, “need to” and “must” in your answers. This is a sign that you’re doing something because of someone else’s expectations of you, or that you’re putting others needs before your own. Instead of people pleasing (doing stuff because you don’t want to upset someone else), try putting yourself first.


This self-awareness, mindfulness and consideration of your why allows you to work more intentionally, keeping you motivated and engaged in what you’re doing. This is the magic sauce that will make sure you actually finish and see your projects through to the end!

Create Your ‘Why Statement’

Fill in the blanks in the following paragraph and use it as a reminder of your why:

“I choose to work on and invest my time and energy on ______________________________________________ (what you want to do or achieve…be specific!) because _______________________________________ (why it matters to you…be specific again!)”

Some Books To Help You Find Your Why:

The Desire Map (by Danielle Laporte)
The First Starter Sessions (by Danielle Laporte)
Start With Why (by Simon Sinek)
The Power Of Why (by Amanda Lang)
Adventures For Your Soul (by Shannon Kaiser) 
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