Yep. This is a thing.

I’ve noticed that “revenge bedtime procrastination” (RBP) is getting more attention these days. And it’s not the typical procrastination habit we know so well.

Basically it’s the act of sacrificing or putting off sleep so you can have more time for your fun and leisure activities.

It’s like you’re getting “revenge” on your daytime hours, during which you had no free time for your personal life and me-time stuff (because you were just too busy all day, obligated to other things like work, taking care of others, etc.)


What makes this delaying of bedtime so revenge-y is that it’s:

1) voluntary
2) not actually necessary (we all need some me-time but staying up late to read a book or watch TV isn’t technically necessary)
3) obvious that putting it off will have negative consequences for us later


So why do we do it?
Because we’re doing fun things with that time. YAY!
Plus it’s a way for us to feel like we have control of our time.


But lack of sleep is one of the biggest productivity killers out there. 😴 When you’re tired you can’t focus, have difficulty making even simple decisions, become forgetful and generally just move at a much slower pace.

None of this☝️ is going to make you efficient and smart with your time.


Believe me, I wish I could get by on less sleep so that I could open up more hours in my day! 😂 But I don’t go down that rabbit hole because I know through first hand experience how much more calm, enjoyable and efficient my day is when I give my body the sleep it needs.


As challenging as it can be to do, set a firm end time for your work and obligations each day. Keep the space open after that for your fun, relaxing, leisure, me-time stuff.

This will ultimately allow you to feel more fulfilled and happier which = improved efficiency and productivity overall.


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