How To Create & Manage a Daily To-Do List


You’re overwhelmed and frustrated by your daily to-do list and wish you just knew how to get through everything! You’ve wasted so much time already and your to-do’s just keep sitting there on your list, undone.

This e-course gives you exactly what you need to get through that list each and every day, so you can move on to your next big ideas.📝


$49 USD


Desire Map 2021 Planners


This is my planner of choice – I love it. My favourite part: the weekly journal prompts. I love to set intentions through journaling, and having it right in my planner helps me stay on top of it.

What else is included: manifesting guide, daily rituals, mantras, visualizations, affirmations, gratitude lists and other micro spiritual practices.

Weekly, daily, printable, iPad and undated versions are available in charcoal, white/gold, orchid, indigo, purple, lavender and teal.

$30 – $58 USD

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