How To Create & Manage a Daily To-Do List


You’re overwhelmed and frustrated by your daily to-do list and wish you just knew how to get through everything! You’ve wasted so much time already and your to-do’s just keep sitting there on your list, undone.

This e-course gives you exactly what you need to get through that list each and every day, so you can move on to your next big ideas.📝


$49 USD


Voxer Mini-Coaching


Ever wish you had support & guidance to get something done by the end of the week?

Then take advantage of the 1:1 Mini-Coaching Package – 5 Days of Productivity Coaching via Voxer.

Be the first to know each time it launches! 😉

$49 USD


Desire Map 2020 Planners


This is my planner of choice – I love it. My favourite part: the weekly journal prompts. I love to set intentions through journaling, and having it right in my planner helps me stay on top of it.

What else is included: astrology guide, daily inspiration, gratitude section, “soulful” to-do lists and inside cover pocket.

Every purchase also includes one year access to The Desire Map Planner Program ($45 USD value for free) with workbooks emailed to you monthly AND 7 day access to The Desire Map Course So awesome for clarifying your values, vision and goals, and keeping you motivated.

Weekly, daily, printable, iPad and undated versions are available in blue, pink, purple, lavender and teal.

$25 – $60 USD

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