Refresh 2019 Planners


These planners are gorgeously minimalist, and available in three rad designs.

They’ve all got monthly and weekly overviews, a built-in 50 page notebook (sweet!), inside front cover pocket, and goal planning pages. It’s so much easier to achieve those goals when your planner is constantly reminding you about them!

The month of December 2018 is included, if you’re the type that gets super excited about new planners and finds it hard to resist using it early.

There’s even an option to customize your Refresh planner with whatever you want on the front, written in gold foil: your name, company name, favourite phrase, mantra, affirmation…whatever!

Lots of other cute things are available in the shop, including content planners, a wedding planner, pens, notepads and notebooks.

Desire Map 2019 Planners


This was my planner of choice in 2018 – and I loved it. My favourite part: the weekly journal prompts. I love to set intentions through journaling, and having it right in my planner helps me stay on top of it.

What else is included: astrology guide, daily inspiration, gratitude section, “soulful” to-do lists and inside cover pocket.

Every purchase also includes a rockin’ companion online program ($45 USD value for free) with workbooks emailed to you monthly. So awesome for clarifying your values, vision and goals, and keeping you motivated.

Weekly, daily, printable, iPad and undated versions are available in charcoal, blue / red, purple / green and gold / white.

The Danielle LaPorte store also includes cool stuff like candles, meditations, divination decks, videos and books.

$20 – $50 USD

Day Designer 2019 Planners


There’s not much these planners don’t have: daily planning with timeblocks for each hour, to-do lists, monthly overviews, goal setting exercises, notes pages, daily inspirational quotes, and intention setting. I love how they’ve thought of everything!

The cover comes in tons of designs (these three are my faves) with an inside pocket. And they offer calendar year planners (starting in January 2019) as well as academic year planners (dated July 2018-June 2019). Your final choice is between the daily layout or mini-daily layout, which is a little smaller and lighter than the former.

Day Designer targets their planners at students, teachers, moms and “busy women” (aren’t we all?). Whoever you are, it’s going to help you manage your schedule, tackle your to-do list and get stuff done.

Their shop also includes desk and wall calendars, undated planners, pens, washi tape and sticky notes.

$41 – $59 USD

Happiness Planners 2019


This is another one that’s included basically everything you could hope for: goal setting pages, habit trackers, to-do lists, “not-to-do” lists, self-care planner, worry release exercises, bucket lists, intention setting pages, workout and meal plans and daily inspirational quotes.

Reflection sections are an awesome touch – there’s space to reflect on how your 2018 went, as well as each month in 2019 and again at end-of-year for 2019.

There’s five different colour combos to choose from between pink, black, violet, lilac, blue, mint and silver. Daily and weekly formats are your options, and it’s delivered in a pretty box.

The shop includes goodies like notepads, notebooks, a colouring book, the 100 Day Happiness Planner, pens and pencils.

$46 – $59 USD

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