How often do you find yourself with small windows of time during your day? 🤔


These little windows of time often show up when:

🪟 You’ve got a meeting in a few minutes and don’t want to start on anything new while you wait for it to begin
🪟 A meeting ended a bit early
🪟 You’ve just wrapped up a task or project and need a little “brain break” before diving into the next thing
🪟 The kids / spouse / roommate went on a quick errand so you finally have a few minutes of peace and quiet to get focused on your biz

All of these windows are like a little bit of magic 🪄 in your day.


I’ve talked to a lot of people who think they need a long stretch of time or a whole entire day free of any distractions in order to work on a big goal or project they’ve been wanting to get to.


Please don’t do this. 👆🏻🤦‍♀️ When the holy heck is that huge block of time ever going to arrive? I mean, maybe it will arrive. Eventually. But why wait? Why keep putting off something you want to do?


Using those small windows of time that you’ve got every single day will lead to so much more progress for you.


Spending just a few minutes on something is way better than spending zero minutes on something. Especially when you add up all the days.


Using those small windows of time to take tiny actions and small steps forward in your biz will get you to the results you want and so much quicker.


Take small steps if you want to make more progress


You do not need to take huge leaps and bounds in order to make progress. 🤸‍♀️ I think much more progress can be made with small intentional steps. 🚶‍♀️


Huge leaps and bounds can feel overwhelming, intimidating and confusing, even when they’re based on a big goal or dream that you really want to achieve. The thought of having to do something so big all at once can be a real turn off. 🤢


Small steps on the other hand are much more empowering! 💪🏻 Small steps are much more sustainable, so you’re way more likely to stay focused and follow through.


Taking those small steps (still on the way to achieving your big goals / dreams) is so much easier and ironically so much faster!


I’d want to encourage you to take action today (instead of waiting for the perfect day) and make consistent progress (instead of stopping and starting and wishing you were done already).


You may be thinking “But how Jodi? It’s such a small amount of time, what could I possibly do?” I got you. 👉🏻 Break down those big business goals and projects into tiny, teeny, extremely small, bite-sized tasks and to-do’s.


Brainstorm them now 🧠 so that when a small window of time pops up, you’ve got a list of quick things you can get done and take action on.


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