Ohhhh lawd, it’s sooooo easy to get sucked into that black hole on social media, amiright !

You think “I’ll just check on one thing and then I’ll get started with the important stuff”…next thing you know it’s time to sign off for the day and get some dinner.

Or you go on FB or IG to network, connect with potential clients and market your biz…next thing you know an hour has gone by and all you did was watch cat videos.

If you’re tired of wasting so much time on social and screens in general, try these simple tricks 😉


How To Stop Wasting Time on Social Media


👉 Set a very specific intention, goal or outcome that you want to achieve for each social platform and/or each time you go on a social network.

Is it to engage with at least 5 people about your biz? Is it to reach out to other biz owners about collaborations? Is it to learn how to grow your email list? To do market research for your biz? 

Or do you really just want to see how the extended family is doing, get some crafting ideas or grab a recipe for tonight?

Having a clear purpose will keep you more focused and less likely to get distracted by all the jumping goats in pajamas videos (I watch these way more than cat videos).

👉 Schedule a specific time (or two or three times) each day that you intentionally check social media. Seriously, put it in your calendar and treat it like a meeting. You’ll have less FOMO because you know you’ve already set aside time for it. And it’s something to look forward to!


👉 Turn off alllll the notifications! You’ve heard this one a million times, but it’s worth repeating. It’s nearly impossible for even the most disciplined of us to resist the temptation of a “ping” or “buzz” or whatever your notifications sound like.

👉 Get your phone out of your physical space (unless you have to make some calls, that’s different). Out of site, out of mind is a real thing and if you can’t see it, you’re going to think much less about checking it.

👉 Set a timer. 15 minutes is a good amount of time (you can get a lot done in that amount of time, really!) When your brain knows there’s a limit and is expecting the timer to go off, it’ll stay more focused on its purpose.

👉 If you have a little less self-discipline, use apps like Stay Focused and Tab Snooze to forcefully get you off social media after a certain amount of time. Yes, they will literally kick you off and not allow you to access social sites once the time you set is up. This is the most drastic of measures 😛



Now I want to hear from you: which of these strategies are you going to try first? 👇👇👇


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