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Now let’s take this planning thing to the next level…



The Planner Bundle is ideal if you:

👎 Are busy but not productive

👎 Find yourself at the end of the day asking what the heck you even accomplished

👎 Spend lots of time wondering where you should start and what’s most important to be working on

👎 Feel scattered and overwhelmed and that’s just how you roll these days

👎 Are having trouble putting your goals into action


$9 USD

(valued at $50)

“Jodi’s templates gave me the space to take a high-level view of my ideas, to get clear about what’s really important and the kind of life and business I truly want to build. From there the clarity of what to focus on came shining through.

They also take a holistic approach, so it’s not just about getting a ton of stuff done but drew me to connect with how I want to feel and the importance of prioritizing the truly important things in life. They inject some fun into the process too!”

Justine Hwang

Social Impact Calligrapher + Creative Workshop Creator Host @itjustflows

The Planner Bundle has everything you need to:

⭐️ Easily manage your time so you can make sure everything gets done

⭐️ Make decisions with ease so you know when something is a “heck yes” and not waste time with the clear “nope’s”

⭐️ Get your schedule organized so nothing is missed and you don’t miss a beat

⭐️ Feel motivated to take action and get the most important projects done

⭐️ Track your progress so you can feel proud and own your accomplishments (hello confidence!)



Here’s what you’ll get

Wins Tracker

You’re accomplishing a lot of things – take a moment to acknowledge that fact! Feeling good about what you’ve done and all of your “wins” will motivate you to keep going when things are difficult. Remind yourself of your awesomeness with this tracker. (Google Sheet)

Monthly Schedule

Get and stay on top of #allthethings with this template. You’ll see all of your meetings, appointments and other commitments at a glance, so you know how much time you’ve got left over for all the other stuff you got goin’ on. (Google Sheet)

Making Choices Map

Have a little fun with those difficult decisions – should you do the thing, or not? Follow the prompts on this “choices map” to discover what the right choice is for you. (PDF)

Weekly & Monthly Planners

Putting a plan in place for your months and weeks will make it even easier to use your Daily Planner. Reflect for clarity and set intentions to move forward with ease. (PDF)

Motivation Workbook

3 strategies to get your mojo back when you’re having trouble getting started on or back to that thing that’s super important. (PDF)

Deadline Planner

Set yourself up to follow through and finish that task or project with this deadline breakdown and planning process. (Google Sheet)

“Already Done” List

It’s really easy to forget all we’ve accomplished as we keep plowing through all our work. Keep track of it all here for a boost of inspiration and motivation at a quick glance. (Google Sheet)

All of it for only $9 USD

(valued at $50)

​“These templates exceeded my expectations – they truly inspired me to create and set my goals and took the overwhelm out of it.

I definitely recommend these templates for anyone needing guidance to finally achieve their dreams!”

Aimee Leptick

Owner-Operator, The Little Bird Designs

“I wanted to organize my thoughts and my days and be more efficient. These templates were super clear and easy to use and they let me get organized on my daily priorities and all the things I needed to get done.

This is brilliant!”

Jen Fieldman

Business Coach + Strategist @ Jen Fieldman LLC


A Little Bit About Me

I’m a Productivity Coach working with established (and determined!) biz owners who are stuck due to overwhelm and confusion. They discover how to take quick action on their big goals so they can create a consistent pipeline of clients and income.

I’m all about making the most of life and in order to do that you’ve got to be productive and intentional with your time. Experiences are unlimited, time is not. Make the most of your life by making the most of your time.

What’s I’m loving right now:

👉 Yoga (so many great online options these days)

👉 Reading (I carry a book literally everywhere)

👉 Woo-woo (I’m especially obsessed with giving myself Tarot readings)


$9 USD

(valued at $50)

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