Geek alert 🤓 I love tracking my habits.
If you’re someone who’s into growth, self-improvement and becoming the best version of themselves that they can be (and I think that you are 😉) then habit tracking has got to be part of your daily life.
Keeping track of any new behaviours or routines you’re trying to incorporate into your life makes it so much more likely they’ll stick.
It’s habit tracking that shifts that new behaviour into an automatic thing that you eventually don’t even have to think about doing…you just do it. It’s so motivating to see actual ticks, checks, stars, on a page each time you do “the new thing”. 🥳
And tracking habits doesn’t need to be set aside for the “big” stuff or major changes you’re working to make. It can be for literally anything, big or small.
Notion is especially amazing for tracking habits and seeing your progress! There’s are tons of ways to incorporate progress bars and automated “congrats” messages. Just check out this screenshot of the ones I included in my Habit Tracking Notion template:
Here are some examples of every day habits you could track, so you can join me in my habit tracking obsession (these go beyond boring old “floss once a day” and “workout more”) 👇🏻

Personal Habits


✔️ Didn’t apologize for something that wasn’t your fault
✔️ Woke up without pressing snooze on the alarm
✔️ Listened to someone without looking at your phone
✔️ Gave someone a heartfelt compliment
✔️ Expressed gratitude to someone in your life
✔️ Made the bed
✔️ Moisturized
✔️ Visualized reaching my goal


Health Habits


✔️ Ate only home cooked food for all meals
✔️ Took multivitamin
✔️ Only had one cup of coffee (or none)
✔️ Got at least 8 hours of sleep
✔️ Included healthy protein with every meal (feel free to specify the amount of protein)
✔️ Gave my eyes a computer screen break every 20 minutes
✔️ Track specific symptoms or feelings you’re experiencing


Career Habits


✔️ Reached out to 1x warm lead
✔️ Reached out to 1x cold lead
✔️ Checked in with 1x biz buddy or colleague
✔️ Listened to one inspiring podcast episode
✔️ Shut laptop off / stopped working at 4pm (or whatever time you want)
✔️ Cleared clutter off desk at the end of day


For Fun Habits


✔️ Read a book for at least 20 minutes before bed
✔️ Made someone smile / laugh by telling a joke
✔️ Spent time on a new craft you’re learning (feel free to specify a minimum amount of time)
✔️ Cuddled with your pet (or children I guess 🤗)
✔️ Take an artsy photo of something new
✔️ Write a haiku
✔️ Learn one word in a new language


To make it extra easy to track your habits, grab my Habit Tracker Notion template. It’s already set up to track 6 of your daily habits and 7 of your weekly habits.


And as you can see from the image above in this post, I even went a little bonkers with the progress bars and included 5 different formats to chose from. 😝


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