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On-demand productivity support to get you unstuck and committed to taking consistent action


So what is “Voxer Coaching” exactly? 📲

We’ll work together on your productivity goals via Voxer, a free and super easy to use app that’s available on both your phone and desktop.

You get the same benefits as face-to-face productivity coaching on Zoom, but instead you’ll be guided via text and audio messages so you can pick my brain in the moment, exactly when you need support most.


So what is “Voxer Coaching” exactly? 📲

We’ll work together on your productivity goals via Voxer, a free and super easy to use app that’s available on both your phone and desktop.

You get the same benefits as face-to-face productivity coaching on Zoom, but instead you’ll be guided via text and audio messages so you can pick my brain in the moment, exactly when you need support most.

Shift out of this…

Your to-do list feels out of control and you can’t imagine how you’ll get anything accomplished at all


Procrastination is keeping you from achieving your goals as all the minutia and distractions are pulling you away


You wish you could just focus and stay on track but it’s impossible to fit any more into your already packed schedule






Into this reality instead…

✔️ Knowing your priorities and next steps so you have the clarity and confidence to get started, follow through and easily achieve your goals


✔️ Having a strategy and plan in place that you can stick to so you know exactly how to get this thing done and fit it into your schedule


✔️ Ongoing expertise, support, guidance, encouragement and accountability so you can keep taking action, making progress and finally seeing results

“I was struggling with productivity, scheduling and goal setting. I was frustrated that I was getting nothing accomplished.

Jodi provided me with great feedback and was very encouraging. I was able to complete all the goals we set and even saw results, including higher enrollment in an upcoming workshop. I was also ready for the workshop early and not just scrambling the night before.

I am feeling more unstuck and committed to action.”

Lisa Harrietha-Benson

Kids Life Coach @ kidslifestudio.com

Here’s What You Get

Here’s What You Get


⭐️ 1:1 productivity coaching for one week Monday – Friday

⭐️ Regular and consistent contact with me between the hours of 9am – 5pm EST each day

⭐️ All communication and support will happen via audio and text messages on Voxer (a free app that’s super easy to download and use)

⭐️ Personalized client portal to access any worksheets and planners that are provided in order to acheive your goals


“As an entrepreneur there is always so much to do and working with Jodi helped me to think about what I need to prioritize. I learned not to do everything at once and not to over work.

I knew what I wanted to achieve, and having accountability and support made it easier for me to accomplish. And because we planned my time out well, I stuck to it.

I would say if you have a one- off task or project to get done in a limited amount of time call Jodi! She’s an entrepreneurs best friend. As entrepreneurs we tend to try and take on too much alone. Even a coach needs a coach!”

Shovorne Adams

Christian Women’s Entrepreneurship & Accountability Coach @thehopetable




$197 USD

You’re next steps to get started:


1. Click the button below to fill out the application so I can learn more about your business and specific needs and ensure Voxer Coaching is a perfect fit for you.

2. I will reach out to you personally via email within 3 business days to connect and discuss the coaching in more detail.

3. We’ll confirm your coaching dates and get you officially signed up and ready to go!

“I was struggling with too many ideas – I felt like I was constantly bouncing between things without ever accomplishing anything.

Jodi was great to work with! She listened to my unorganized thoughts and honed in on the important ones to help me create a focused to-do list that I can actually manage.

It was helpful to get insights into what to change to make it work better, what things could get cut and how to modify my list to make the things on it easier to accomplish.”

Lauren Forsythe

My Favourite Job Title Is Mom

“I was all over the place with my business, and just wanted focus and direction on what to do.

During my coaching, I was able to accomplish so much – there was no time for slacking! Now, managing my goals has become second nature to me.

Jodi listens to you and pushes you to go after your goals. My coaching experience has been perfect and the best experience ever. I would like to thank Jodi for ALL of her help!”

Maria Merced

VA, Maria Merced Pinterest Management Services

Got questions? I’ve got you covered 👇

How soon do I have to apply?

There are two spaces available each week for Voxer Productivity Coaching and it’s first come first served. Once you fill out the application form and we connect, we’ll find the first available week that works best for you.

When can we get started?

We’ll discuss and agree upon a start date once your application form is received. I’ll reach out to you personally and you can expect to hear from me within 3 days of your application. Monday’s are an ideal day to start  your coaching, so you have access to five consistent days in a row to build momentum without interruption.

I've never used Voxer before - is that OK?

Totally OK! Voxer is not only a free app, it’s very user friendly and super simple to use on both your phone and laptop/desktop. I’ll send you step-by-step instructions for downloading, setting up and using Voxer before your coaching gets started so it’s easy peasy for you.

How often will we be in touch?

I’ll reply to every single message you send; as my client you’re my #1 priority so you’ll hear from me right away for the most part and definitely within the hour. You can also expect regular check ins from me throughout every day to help you stay focused (you’ll have a serious dose of accountability!) 😉

What if I get distracted or get off track?

That’s the beauty of Voxer Productivity Coaching: you can reach out to me in the exact moment that you get stuck, start to struggle or hit a roadblock, so you can move past it fast and keep making progress. You’ll be getting regular check ins from me as well so you can stay on track in the first place. *high five*

What kind of goals are you helping me achieve?

We’ll work through your biggest struggles with:

  • Setting priorities and knowing what to work on first
  • How to get started and figure out your next steps
  • Taking action and consistently making progress
  • Managing your time, energy and to-do list
  • Creating a plan that you can stick to and follow through on

Disclaimer: I’m not here to achieve your goals for you…I’m here to give you the tools, strategy and perspective you need to make them happen more easily through your own effort.

What's the refund policy?

Once payment is received no refunds are issued. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from participating in the Voxer Productivity Coaching after payment has been received, that can be discussed 1-on-1 in order to determine an alternative means of supporting you with your goals that works for both of us.

I have another question...

Great! Get in touch with me at info @ jodigraham.com so we can get it answered!

More About Me

Hey! I’m Jodi, a Productivity Coach working with online business owners who are stuck due to overwhelm and confusion. They discover how to take quick action on their big goals so they can create a consistent pipeline of clients and income.

I’m all about making the most of life and in order to do that you’ve got to be productive and intentional with your time. Experiences are unlimited, time is not. Make the most of your life by making the most of your time.

What I’m loving right now:

👉 Yoga (so many great online options these days)

👉 Reading (I carry a book with me literally everywhere)

👉 Woo-woo (I’m especially obsessed with Tarot right now)

“I was stuck and needed help getting organized. I spent months doing nothing because of overwhelm and stress.

Jodi helped bring me through the fog – after my coaching session, I was able to organize my tasks which helped me get things done because it didn’t seem so daunting anymore. In the few weeks since, I’ve completed five goals that I had which is huge, since prior to that I spent nine months getting nowhere.

This was money well spent, Jodi is great to work with and so kind. She got me on track and I am where I need to be.”

Jeanette Graham

Host/Producer, Excuse My ADHD

“I wanted to find better efficiencies with my already lengthy ‘to-do’ list that was causing me to go into overwhelm.

The coaching was seriously good. I learned how to better map out my task lists and business planning in chunks that was manageable, digestible and easy to understand.

Working with Jodi has been tremendously helpful. She helped me identify where I needed to better streamline my lengthy ‘to-do’ list and created a system where I can easily replicate my workload month by month within the early stages of my business. Having this system ultimately allows me a clear vision of what I need to accomplish each period and eliminates any future overwhelm. I’m truly grateful for her support!”

Angela Ong

Owner @ AOG Art Of Gifts

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