Have you been wondering what your MIT (Most Important Task) is?

Having a hard time figuring out where to start with all your to-do’s?

Do you spin your wheels, jumping from one project to another?

Constantly starting to work on thing, after thing, after thing…never actually finishing any one thing?

Just plain scattered?


It’s just so easy to do the simple stuff. The quickest stuff. The stuff that you have the most fun doing.

And although those can be great ways to kick off a new project and build some momentum, these sorts of things can easily take over our lives (yes, that’s a bit dramatic) as we get lost in a black hole of all the quick and dirty tasks.

MIT’s tend to be a bit challenging, maybe kinda difficult, possibly overwhelming, perhaps…..dare I say…..scary. Things like putting ourselves out there, publishing our content, making proposals and client outreach.

But they’re also the things that have a major impact on our lives, have a positive outcome, take us closer to where we ultimately want to be, and make us feel so good.


Some questions to ask yourself to figure out your own personal MIT’s:

– What will have the biggest impact on my biz / life?

– What step(s) will take me closer to my ultimate goal / vision / desire?

– Why am I working on this? Why did I put it on my to-do list in the first place?

– How will completing this thing make me feel?

– What will be the cost of not finishing this thing?


If you’re a visual person, “Eisenhower’s Principle” is a super useful tool for organizing all your to-do’s, and being able to more clearly see your MIT’s.

OK so you’ve figured out your MIT. Time to par-tay.

But how do you actually put it into practice? I mean, there’s so much to do, so many distractions and other people needing and expecting stuff from us!


Try these techniques to get your butt in gear:

– Plan your day the night before. Set one top priority for the day. Think about one MIT you want done by the end of the day.

– Schedule your morning off in your calendar. Set that intention for yourself.

– Set an auto-responder on your email, letting people know you’ll get back to them by X time (so they aren’t expecting an immediate response). People actually appreciate this!

– Clean up your desk and get it biz ready for the morning so you can get started right away (or right after you get that big ‘ol coffee). One less thing to busy yourself with when you start your day.

– Turn off notifications on your phone the night before, and put it away in a cupboard or closet where you won’t even see it in the morning. Seriously. People can wait until you’re ready. For emergencies, try setting a special ring tone for those people you know are only calling if it’s truly urgent.

– Block all social or other websites (or the whole dang internet!) that tend to distract you. Apps like Cold Turkey, Freedom and Stay Focused are perfect for this.


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