Which platform do you use for your social media planning process? πŸ€” Or should I say “platforms” plural? 😝


The options are pretty much endless when it comes to deciding where to plan out social media content (Trello, Google Drive, Asana, Evernote, ClickUp to name a few).


Even more endless options about where to host and create each piece of that content (graphics in Canva, draft in Google Docs, videos in ScreenPal, transcription in Descript, hashtags in SproutSocial, brand guide in a PDF doc….)


😡 OMG I’m dizzy just writing that all down…


With Notion you can have it all in just ONE place 🀯 so you stop this foolishness LOL, ensure nothing falls through the cracks and feel confident with your content creation process without the confusion and overwhelm.


Here’s how having it all in one place (Notion!) and at your fingertips will make your content creation process easier:


Use a Content Library as a home base for any and all content you need to view


Simply braindump 🧠 all your content ideas into one database, just one time.

Then it’s easy peasy to create multiple views directly from that database to organize your content in any way you need to see it (ie: create filtered views by social platform, due date, publish date, status, assigned responsibility, urgency, etc.)

This saves you SO much time in duplicated efforts and having to create various charts and Excel docs just to reference the data you want to see.


Get a visual overview of your content BEFORE it’s scheduled


Notion is a very versatile and visual platform that allows you to include not just text but also graphics, emojis, videos and more.

This is ideal for laying out each piece of content within Notion first, so you’ll know how it’s going to look on social. πŸ‘€

For example, you can create an IG grid preview in Notion so you know exactly what your feed will look like before posting a thing! 😍

You’ll save so much time and trouble in editing published content that didn’t end up looking how you had imagined it in your head.


Easier communication and workflow with team


It’s going to be a lot less likely that a step πŸšΆπŸ»β€β™€οΈ in the content creation process will be missed when everyone has one central place to access everything content related.

And it’s so easy to communicate and stay in touch with members with Notion – you can assign someone to each task and tag others literally anywhere in the platform (they’ll get a notification right away so they know what’s up). It’s basically like having an instant messenger system built right in. πŸ’¬


Searching for and finding what you need is actually efficient


If you need to find a piece of content to repurpose, having to scroll through a Google Doc or navigate between notebooks in Evernote is a pain in the a**.

With Notion, you’ll see literally EVERYTHING in your workspace when you search keyword. All at once and all on one page. πŸ”


How many platforms do YOU use for your social media planning? πŸ‘‡πŸ»


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