To put it simply, when you make a plan, things are so much more likely to get DONE. 🎉


Winging it every day, without a plan or strategy, can paralyze you and stop you from getting started or taking action in the first place. 🤦


Because having everything in your head is so overwhelming and maybe even intimidating…it’s a lot of stuff to try and remember and to make sense of and figure out as you go through your day.

Our brains 🧠 were not meant to constantly remember a ton of stuff!


Through the planning process, you free up brain space to focus on the task at hand so you can get it done quicker, and get it done better. Otherwise all your ideas and to-do’s are just floating in your head, distracting you from what you’re doing. 🤯


By writing down your goals and intentions ✍️ in the form of a plan on paper (aka: getting them out of your head), you gain intellectual and mental energy to think of new ideas and ways of doing things. It just comes easier! That magical and juicy inspiration that makes you a great online biz owners.


Having a plan makes things tangible and real which in turn holds you accountable to them….no more telling yourself “Ohhh I didn’t actually set that goal or make that plan”.


And in making a plan you’ve set an intention to work towards something. You know the goal, the end point and exactly what you want to achieve. When you have that clarity it’s easier and more natural to take steps and actions towards achieving it and making it a reality. 🙌 high fives 🙌


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